Salary Cap Disclosure

As we all know, the CFL teams are prepared to pay Brad Watters about a $1-million if they drop their lawsuit regarding the league’s salary cap. They did this to in order to keep detailed salary information away from the public, which have happened they had to go to trial.

Here is my thought. If all it takes is a lawsuit to have the salary levels released for each team, why doesn’t a fan simply sue the CFL claiming that the lack of salary cap enforcement has caused them some type of injury?

Yes, the case would get thrown out, but I doubt the teams want to pay every fan that sues them $1 million to prevent disclosure.


I do want to see a good cap in place cuz if there isn’t, my team is fuck ed like the Winnipeg Jets were.

But I do feel that if a team CAN spend lots of money on a good team, they should be allound to, like Edmonton.

All in all though, I want to see a good stonrg enforced cap, but one that doesn’t competly effect the dept charts.

There just should be some teams that are power houses, some that are mediocere, and some that just suck. A league needs a balance of close games and blowouts, which is what happening now but will it happen under a stong cap is a question mark to me.

Brad Watters is a dumb a$$ and i’m glad to see him out of Ottawa.

The Salery Cap Is Currently Set At $2.25 Million. I Herd A Report Last Year That In The Last 5 Years Every Single Team In The League Had Gone Over The Cap And The Year Before The Report 5 Of The 8 Teams (Meaning The Last Year Before Ottawa Rejoined) Had Gone Over The Cap, And The Argos Were The Biggest Vialators Going Over The Cap By $1.2 Milliion. I Think That Goes To Show That The Cap Is Way Too Low And Really Should Be Rised Because All The Teams Can Afford It.

Why does Ottawa seem to…wait, “seem to”?..attract all the freakin’ losers. What a pathetic franchise…man, they need to get things in order.

Interesting, but doubt it would work. It’s rather simple in theory, mazimize the league revenues (ie new TV contract) to increase the cap and then enforce it - pay these guys well for what they do (without going totally overboard like the other leagues). Make it profitable for the owners and the players and still great value for the fans. Too bad it’s not that easy.

And there are so many ways to get around the cap.

(1) Speakers fees. On privately owned clubs you could pay a Star QB $75,000. But pay him $200,000 to speak at a company function for the owner. So $75,000 would go against the cap, even though the owner paid a ridiculous fee for a private function.

(2) Bogus secondary Jobs. Again on Privately owned clubs you could hire that Star QB again, report $75,000, towards the cap and then pay him $200,000 as a “consultant” with "ABC Widgets Co Ltd " which is owned by the owner.

I’m also sure there are dozens of other ways to “get around” the cap which I haven’t even thought of.

As long as the CFL doesn’t turn into the NHL.

When the Ticats signed McManus in 1998, they paid him the most any one player could get under the salary cap structure at the time, which was (I believe) $125,000 a year. But the story is that the team gave CHML a bargain price for radio broadcast rights to their games, and CHML in turn paid Danny to do a phone-in show every week. This was kind of a round-about way for the team to pay McManus additional money outside the cap. Since the team wasn’t actually paying out the extra money, they weren’t required to report it to the league. Technically they weren’t doing anything illegal, since radio broadcast rights are the team’s jurisdiction, and CHML’s payroll is none of the CFL’s business. Very clever.

A cap absolutely needs to be enforced in some way. Yes, I think there’s room for an increase because of the CFL’s success as of late, but there needs to be enforcement. A couple of reasons. The more salaries spin out of control, the more the CFL looks like the NHL, with player salaries getting outrageous. The other problem is competitiveness. Eventually, certain teams will be unable to afford to field a competitive team, and fans will eventually stop buying season tickets to watch their team lose year after year (see the Ottawa Renegades). This hurts all of the teams because of the CFL’s bail out policy, where owners across the league need to throw in cash to bail out trouble teams. The biggest reason for a cap is that community owned teams simply cannot compete in free agency. Teams like Winnipeg and Saskatchewan can’t throw out the same sort of cash like Edmonton or Toronto, who are privately owned. Look at the Ricky Ray bidding war between Edmonton and Winnipeg. Edmonton’s salary cap is basically as deep as the owners pockets, whereas Winnipeg is much more limited. Same as the Calgary/Saskatchewan bidding war over Henry Burris. Seeing those trends in the CFL is a scary thing. All the teams need to be on a level playing field.

One last thing, bidding wars lead to guys like Burris getting paid $400,000. He’s good, but he’s not that good.

Edmonton is community owned.

It still boils down to the partners in the league eating there own, it has happened time after time and it will happen again as soon as some private owner desides to give up his toy. The league Gov’ners have no will to change a system that might (in there opinion) hurt there team. So… around and around it goes were it stops no one knows. Well I know… It stops when league revenues go down or level off. :twisted: