Salary Cap... Again!

This is my first post and have read debates about the salary cap about a hundred times before this. But here is some info that suggests David Braley is correct in saying the cap of 2.6 million is a floor rather than a ceiling. The following also includes other interesting compensation details.

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Until 1994, there had been a series of three year agreements that modified benefits and amended provisions of the Standard Player's Contract and League by-laws (which primarily set out membership rights and League rules and procedures).

A one year agreement covered the 1995 season. A three year agreement was approved in April of 1996, and was in place from 1996 to 1998. . A three year agreement was entered into for 1999 to 2001 and the current collective agreement remains in effect from 2002 until the 1st day before the training camp period in 2006.

These three most recent collective agreements have prescribed benefits for players and regulated various aspects of employment conditions, for example:

  1. Compensation and Financial Benefits:

Players' compensation must represent at least 50% of the League's defined "gross revenue"; if economic conditions improve so that the players' share is less than half, re-negotiation must occur with respect to pre-season and post-season compensation and teams' contributions to the pension plan.

For the 1996 season, the minimum annual pay for regular scheduled games was $26,000 Cdn.; this was increased to $27,000 Cdn. for 1997, and $28,000 Cdn. for 1998. Excluded from these figures are the pre-season subsistence allowance, signing and performance bonuses, and payments for pre-season or play-off games. Further, for 1999 and 2000, the minimum compensation was increased to $30,000.00 Cdn. to veterans and $28,000.00 Cdn. to rookies. For 2001 and 2002, the minimum compensation for a veteran was $32,000.00 Cdn., and $30,000.00 Cdn. for rookies. The minimum compensation for all players for 2003 is $35,000.00, 2004 is $36,000.00 and 2005 is $37,000.00.

Under the current collective agreement, players are provided with 2 tickets to home games and are required to pay only 50% of the price for additional tickets to home games or away games. . If a player is travelling with the Club, the player will now receive $90.00 Cdn. per and $70.00 Cdn. per day if the Club provides a pre-game meal .

Compensation payable under a practice agreement shall not be deferred in any way.

In 1987, C.F.L. teams agreed to set a "competitive expenditure cap". The cap was first set at $2.8 Million and increased to $3 Million in 1988. By 1992, an explicit exemption allowed teams to exceed the cap when signing one designated "marquee player". From 1993, a general limit of $2.5 Million applied to all payments to players and to salaries and bonuses for coaches. By agreement with the C.F.L.P.A., the cap in 1996 was to apply only to players, and the figure was set at $2.1 Million. In the current collective agreement, the competitive expenditure cap applies only to players and shall not be less than the following amounts in each year:

2002 - $2,430,000.00

2003 - $2,500,000.00

2004 - $2,550,000.00

2005 - $2,600,000.00

The competitive expenditure cap does not include the following:

(a) salary and benefits in relation to the third Quarterback (the third highest paid Quarterback) with each Member Club.

(b) the salary and benefits in relation to the second designated import (the second highest paid designated import) with each Member Club.

(c) all monies paid to players for benefits including pre-season compensation, pension plan, travel allowance, payments for playoff compensation and Grey Cup compensation.

(d) compensation paid to players named to the nine game injury list.

Also, pursuant to the current collective agreement, the minimum compensation for play-off games to each player has increased to $2,800.00 Cdn. (first-place standing); $2,800.00 Cdn. (semi-final); and $3,000.00 Cdn. (division final).

The minimum compensation for the Grey Cup game has decreased over the last five years, indicating the C.F.L.'s continuous determination to keep the League on track to reaching financial stability. Under the collective agreement covering the 1995 season, the winner received $12,000.00 Cdn., and the loser received $6,000.00 Cdn. Pursuant to the collective agreement covering 1996 to 1998, the winner received $10,000.00 Cdn., and the loser received $5,000.00 Cdn. The current collective agreement has increased these amounts back to $12,000.00 Cdn. for each player on the winning team and $6,000.00 for each player on the losing team.

According to the current collective agreement, pre-season compensation for veteran players has increased to $475.00 Cdn. per week for a one year veteran; $575.00 Cdn. per week for a two year veteran; and $675.00 Cdn. per week for a three year or more veteran.

Draw some conclusions from that

This has been posted in the past IT DOES NOT MEAN A FLOOR! It means that the players have negotiated that the CAP can not be LOWER than the amount stated!

Look at the wording: its called a CAP!

It was negotiated by the players so that the league could not turn around and say, sorry this year no team will spend more than $1 million and you guys get the short end of the stick!!!!!

it also says that the salaries of the 3rd QB and the second DI don't count against it. I didn't know about the DI not counting. I think most of this Cap talk is irrelevant because we don't actually know what teams are paying every player is making and the cap is for the whole year and rosters change weekly. Do i think teams are over the cap? Yes. Do I think EVERY team is over the Cap like the last three years? yes. I really think that all the teams are within 3 or 4 hundred thousand dollars of each other but once again we don't know because we don't know what everybody makes.

Shhhhhh!!!!!!! THE CAP IS A SECRET!.

Personally, I'm sick and tired of people complaining about the salary cap because no team actually releases this type of information.