Salary Cap Abuse

Where are all the whiners who every year complained about the Eskimos being over the non-existant cap. Now that we have a real cap it seems every team but Edmonton and Saskatchewan have announced huge front-end loaded contracts to take advantage of the loopholes in the SMS. Just like in the past the privately owned franchises are taking advantage of the loopholes because they have an owner with deep pockets.

As long as there are different rules for privately owned teams, those teams can never have a legitimate arguement about any community owned teams being over the cap. And again how come the guys from Calgary, B.C., etc who cry every year about the Eskimos going over the cap, now.

i never complained and im not complaining now.

...geez cfleskfan, wasn't it you that told me to not let facts get in the way of a slight to another persons team?.....

You're right Red, I need to be more specific. Yes, all teams signed players at the last minute and to front end loaded contracts, including Edmonton. Although signing 4 guys pales in comparison to Montreal signing 22 and B.C. signing their QB and backup to huge contracts. I guess I should have stressed the term HUGE. My point is there are many who post on here complaining about teams being over the cap, yet few complain about the teams skirting the rules or exploiting the loopholes.

I referred to people complaining bitterly about the Eskimos being over, I shouldn't have suggested that they weren't guilty this time, altough maybe to a lesser degree than some teams(kind of like being a little pregnant).

And there are probably loop holes that we don't know about for getting around the "cap" as well.

I am sure the Riders will announce some signings. Actually I know for a fact that they signed some people. some good people, just hasn't been announced yet

...point taken it naive but I really think all eight teams will stay under the SMS cap....the agreement was unanimous and I think any team caught blowing the cap will face more hurt over being deemed unsportsmanlike than any monetary fine levied against them, it will be a source of pride to have a winning team under the cap...

Yes there have been contracts signed but I have yet to hear of any dollar amounts so calling them huge front end contract is unjustified.

Furthermore, These teams have announced the signings before the deadline. Who is to say that Edmonton has not signed their big money players but are deliberately waiting so they can look like they are respecting the cap????

everyone knew long ago, that teams were gonna front-end load contracts and get them approved b4 the cap kicked in.

calgary has made no secret they've been doing this since last season.

if this is news to anyone, then u havent been paying attention for the last year!!!

The point is that every one accuses every team except their own of not respecting the cap. Its been going on for as long as I have been here.

Until teams start announcing one can accuse anyone.

This is not news at all, but it still makes the SMS a farce when you allow ways around it. My problem has always been that people are all over teams that are over the cap(fact is they are all over the cap) but seem to find no fault in teams doing an end around on the cap, be it this way or personal services contracts.

People for instance talk about B.C. being at or near the cap but conveniently leave out wally Buono paying himself the league minimum as coach while reporting the bulk of his salary as GM, which doesn't come under the cap. He did the same when in Calgary.

If the league is going to have a cap then close the loopholes and make it a level playing field.

how is it a farce?

the contracts were registered b4 the SMS came into effect....what does it matter if the contract was registered 2 mins, or 2 months b4 the SMS started?

its no different then making a trade 2 mins b4 trade it a "loophole" cuz the trade was done so close to the deadline as opposed to 2 months b4 the deadline?...NO!

So what's wrong with that?

Thats why Bobby Ackles is a genius. Hiring a guy like Wally to get the best bang for your buck! :wink:

What makes it a farce is that it creates an unlevel playing field. Community owned teams do not have the luxury of going into their owners LOC and paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars now so they can look like angels by staying under the cap when in fact they front end load salaries. Edmonton can likely afford to compete due to their fan support but it will be very difficult for Winnipeg or Regina. Just like the personal services contract it makes having a cap unrealistic. When some players don't count under the cap it makes it noncredible.

Some examples, Doug Flutie played under a personal services contract his entire career, thereby not falling under the cap. Mike Pringle was on a PS contract in Montreal but had to be reported in Edmonton because community owned teams can't sign players to PS contracts.

Ro, B.C. announce $600,000 for their 2 QB's alone. In my world that's huge.

The problem is here that salaries are not disclosed, and that needs to change. We all know what NFL,NHL,NBA and MLB salaries are, so the CFL needs to follow suit and make public the salaries that are being paid out by teams, including personal services contracts.


It's been reported on that the Lions signed Dickenson for $400,000 and Pierce for $200,000 plus a $100,000 signing bonus.

Sorry for laughin here! But wow can you believe an eskie fan is complaining. Think of all those years the Eskies made moves that were some what questionable ( Maas I am not traded to Hamilton for one ). The other they do not allow teams on their grass field so the eskies have a bit of advantage on their foot wear (remember the staples), this could go on. Now for some reason the Eskie managment gets a heart and decides they will play by the rules ha ha ha ha. But really the teams that signed their players in 2006 have every right to do this where are they breaking the rules. Some how the Eskie managment team got stupid ha ha ha! Please CFleskfan you are close to whining here! I am glad that many teams signed their players it bodes well for the up coming season. And as it was mentioned the Stamps did this prior to the season start where was the Eskimo managment team sleeping!