Salary and endorsments

Is the player's salary for playing football the only income here in the CFL.

Or like in the NFL the players get endorsments, a small % of sales from the jersey's, TV etc.

How is it here: And if so how much!

If you're really good, sometimes you'll be in commericals. However a lot of players have other jobs and responsibilities in the off-season. Noting that the Salary Cap is just over $4 Million, for roughly 55 players, the average salary is not very high (compared to the NFL).

Teams probably get some sort of cut on CFL gear sales, but realistically sales mostly come from the teams local market and there aren't really any players that are superstars who are nationally recognized, to warrant making serious money on jersey sales. CFL jerseys aren't fashionable in the Canadian mainstream at the moment.

Pinball Clemons has done a share of commercials. As well as Wally Buono. Eric Lapointe has done a french version of the chunky soup commercial with Donovan Mcnab and his mom.