Just womdering what the players make over in the CFL. I hear it is no where near what it is in the NFL.

I started watching the CFL last year and I enjoyed it more then watching the NFL, only beacause all these guys good,bad or indifferent give it their all.

i love the CFL way more then the NFL

Minimum salaries are about $39,000 Can.

There is no league salary grid and most salaries aren’t published so,
in ball park figures I believe, most veterans earn approx. $80,000-$150,000
and starting QBs earn from $300,000 to close to $500,000.

Just guesses. If CapitalTD wishes to disagree, please do.

You got it about right.

For reference, the unenforced salary cap for this year is C$3.8 million per team. Don't ask about the unenforced part - its the way we do business up here :slight_smile:

There has to be some kind of change made. Most players would rather play in the big cities, meaning places like Winterpeg and Regina get shorted on talent. Would you rather play in Vancouver or Saskatchewan for the same money? No wonder these teams struggle every year. Is this part of it?

Saskatchewan doesn't struggle that hard, and Winnipeg has had some damn good teams over the years. The only team that seems to struggle on a regular basis is Ottawa, and they're gone for this year. The Leos too have had their bad years, when nothing goes right for them.