What is the league minimum for entering players? Ie. Just drafted in 2007?

I don't believe there is a minimum for "new" players per se, but there is a minimum for any player of, I believe, $42,000.
First round draft picks usually make more than the minimum.

Would there be a site or a file to look at to confirm this kind of info?

There are salary caps for rookies and their position in the draft is irrelevant. But there are things known as "signing bonuses" (which are now encluded in the salary cap) and "part time jobs within the community" (which are not encluded).

caps? there are no caps on rookies salaries.

The League Min is between 40K and 42K CAD

Chris Bauman(first overal picks) will likely make something like 50K with a 10K signing Bonus.
Performance Bonuses would also likely be part of the deal.

I stand corrected then. I assumed that there was a maximum rookie salary in the CFL like in some other sports. I thought that rookies entered at the league min.

Most rookies do enter the league at or near Min salary that is true, although depending on their backround they might get more. Most however don't get near League average, however that is rookies to pro football of course any Ex-NFL guy will demand above League Min.

42K is good money for 19 weeks work + pre-season money(I think 300$ per week as a CFL rookie)
Also add in the chance to get over 10K more for finishing first and winning the grey cup.

19 weeks of work??? Think again.


I'd say that including training camp and playoffs, there's 6 months of work ... or about 25 weeks.

And no, 42,000 for half a year ain't bad ...