Sakoda not Medlock

Or so it appears, another Rider cast off, oh well, let's see what he can do.

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Serna has been released ! Meadlock is still wanting the NFL and would only be a short term fix ! We don't need a guy who is not fully committed !

Good he can put too, now give us Renaud. :wink:

I think you have bigger problems in Hamilton than punting !

It's been said before, but I'll say it again...this regime does not tolerate guys under-performing. Nor should they.

Adios Alexis...

' that's a zinger.....I hope they straighten that mess out in the got to feel for the fans there

.....Medlock was too hesitant....he might languish all year waiting for an nfl call....foolish if you ask me...We'll soon find out how this Sakoda guy performs...I know he kicks field-goals well just can't punt....HOWEVER he didn't too bad last year, in that dept. for the green guys and he might just be adequate enough if Renaud comes up lame again :roll:

Yes, we need Football in Hamilton, let's hope common sense prevails in the end ?

iirc, sakoda was originally bomber property and was traded to sask last year for the rights to qb dj shockley.

rider cast off? hardly.

bowman, browne,jovon,jyles,lapo,baressi,reed. am i missing someone? dont think so.

then we got…

bates,goodspeed,simpson,dinwiddie,berry,daley,dyce… am i missing someone? probably.

its the cfl… every team has players who at one time orr another played for another cfl team.

So how do you explain Adarius "can't catch this" Bowman?

dude was our best receiver last game. drop or not.. even arland bruce dropped a couple.

You are going to love Sakota. Something got in his head for us this year but I love the kid and his leg. I sat and watched him kicking FG's from the 45, one step and boot, every one could have landed in a barrel in the endzone. If he gets his punting mechanics down hes a big time winner. Any rookie who can step up in the dying minutes of the Grey Cup, and boot one 60 yrds when he's pinned in the endzone, has got serious skills.

You are right on the button, we finally have a President/CEO, GM and coaching staff that are commited to make this team the best it can be.

I sure think so...refreshing, isn't it?

i hate how people think bowan can't catch just because of one drop, as killer said, Bruce dropped more passes than him last game! :lol:

It is Absolutely a refreshing change

I agree too. I like that they've plugged the leaks to the media too. No more "unnamed source close to the Bombers" reports anymore. Now they only have their occassional "unnamed CFL source" to rely on.

According to 1 unnamed source (lol)

Medlock was looking for 6 figures and a big signing bonus, and not too crazy about Winnipeg.

If true, I’m glad they went with Sakoda and not an over paid malcontent. Shows good judgement by the brain trust.

…according to ANOTHER unnamed source :lol: … Sakoda will be doing ALL of the kicking on fri…Rumour only …Can’t really see this one, UNLESS Renaud is still nursing that bad knee… :roll:

…I was like you pigseye, in that i was hoping we’d sign Medlock…after reading your info. from your unnamed source…ouch…I’m glad we didn’t go that route… :wink:

You can throw that rumour in the garbage can, papa. I asked at the Extra Point and someone who was at practice today said Renaud was holding for Sakoda. If Renaud wasn't going to punt then they would have had someone else holding on FGs.

So how's that Sakoda thing working out?