Sakoda gotta go go.

That was a terrible punting display - gave Edmonton an easy 6 points for sure. I don't know how much upside there is to being patient with him because we were at a serious field position disadvantage most of the game because of special teams play. I don't think Luca is the answer either. Is there anyone available that could do the job?

makes me wonder. the boy seems to be lacking in the consistency dept. I don’t quite understand.

he has a big leg but I think it’s confidence and a little more practice.

Setta's available. Medlock too.

It's not like the kid got weaker over the offseason. Right now he's got the yips. I'd probably favor hauling in some old vet kicker, not to take his job, but to get his head screwed on straight. Kind of like a goalie coach.

What's Daley going to help him with? "Louie. Kick it farther!"

I say be patient a little longer. Once he gets the cobwebs out of his head he will be fine. Still has one of the stronger legs in the league. Some of his woes on Saturday were due to the 40km winds in his face. I like the idea of bringing in a vet/mentor in the mean time.

If I were going with a new import kicker, Setta would be my first choice.Nobody works harder on the field and in the community than he does.His on field performance is awesome too, for the last few years was regarded as one of the best if not the best punter in the CFL.Booted the longest punt in Ticats history, 97 yards.His FG accuracy is about %79

Sounds good to me. Sign him up I say. Hopefully the powers that be take note.

I say give him a couple more games

Remember Louie still hasn't played 10 games, so he is a rookie. Give him a chance to learn. Nice that Luca is around to take some of the heat off Louie.

I would give louie a couple more games which is about a third of the reg season then if need be bring in a replacement
The player I would also tell to step-up would be D.Dorsey he has simply been disappointing with his departure we would have no problem fitting Charles into the roster who has been producing positive yards in the O as well as special teams when his # is called I personally believe Charles is or better fit

I think Sakoda has one more game to prove he can help the Riders out this year. His position is just too important to give him a lot of time to get his confidence back. I know he can kick but there are other guys out there who can step in and get the job done right now. I hope he can get it together this week.

I think they'll be patient with Sakoda, he's only 23 and he was the top punter in the NCAA. Daley's been working with him trying to improve his directional punting and his distance has taken a huge hit. I also question a few of the decisions to punt into the wind last game when we we're just outside of field goal range, we would have likely been better off just gambling.

I don't think it's the pressure that's getting to the kid, I mean he bombed a huge 60 yarder with a minute left in the Grey Cup, I think it's his work with Daley to make him place the ball better. I could see them leaving him on the 46 and not the 42 for a game if you continues to struggle and they just have Congi punt, I don't see us releasing him yet though.

Congi's not a punter. If they're gonna do something drastic, they're better off jettisoning both and bringing in either of Medlock or Setta to do everything, which will open up a NI roster spot.

There is the problem right there. The kid was better off without Daley. I think he will come back around but not due to Daley's guidance.

We are witnessing a domino effect on special teams.

1st game we looked solid against the Al's
Since, Neither Kicker seems to remember hoiw to punt
- Blockers forgot how to block for Dorsey.
- Dorsey can no longer juge hang-time, and lost sense of direction.

The common link...................Daley.....

Tick Tock, Jim....

From what I saw last year, Sakoda has talent, and he can adapt to this game.

For whatever reason this year, he's had a rough start. I'm not sure why, but we're only three games into the season, so I don't think that its time to hit the panic button just yet. It also helps that we're 3-0 at this time, and even better that no losses have resulted directly from one of his kicks.

I think that our record gives Sakoda some time (at least a few more games) to correct his mistakes and show the same form that he had a year ago. I think that he'll turn it around.

sakoda is green !! no need to call for the yank on him yet... now dorsey on the other hand?? hes gotta get moving north and south and not do his lateral shifts so much... aswell i think dorsey needs to be sure-er handed...

Sure give him time to develop but not in real time - if things keep going the way it has this year to date his confidence will be shaken to the point he may never recover. I saw him interviewed on TV last night - omg does he look young - I felt so sorry for him. But emotions cannot get in the way of reality and the need to bring in a reliable punter. For the time being I believe that the best place for Sakoda to hone his skills is on the practise roster.

As in import, he's expensive if he can't perform. I would say this about anyone in any position. However, young Sakoda was a brilliant kicker as an Ute. He will bounce back. Hopefully soon, another bad game or two might see a bus ticket home.

That's insane. Releasing a punter with less than a full season of pro-experience is not "drastic".

Getting rid of your reliable, veteran field goal kicker, whom many fans love and believe in because you happen to be releasing your punter with less than a full season of pro-experience is definately drastic.

Everybody is saying Sakoda has a strong leg. I haven't seen evidence of that once this year. Not to mention, his totally unecessary delay before actually punting that brings him dangerously close to being blocked multiple times.

One punt against the Esks on Saturday bounced about 20 yards back towards Sakoda, if that was a punter with any wits at all, he would've been barrelling towards that ball trying to recover it.

I honestly think my buddy Rex is a better punter. Lose him.

Boreham was at least exciting and physical. I am a fan of Boreham even though he is only slightly stronger than Sakoda in the leg (that's right).

I'm not advocating a change. However, if you are replacing your import punter, and bring in a guy that does both well (as both Medlock and Setta do) why would you not look at going with one guy? It opens up a NI roster spot, and means you are allocating less cap $$ to the kicking position.