Saints QB Drew Brees dealing with multiple broken ribs, lung issue

this just crushes me

at the start of the nfl season, the number one hope that I had was that Drew not get injured.

Totally bummed

It unfortunately opens up the door in the NFC, for Brady and the Buccaneers to get the number 1 seed. Sick of seeing Brady in the playoffs and Super Bowl.

It does but I think the #1 seed should be Seattle or Green Bay. Seattle has a fairly easy schedule now for the remainder of the season just playing the Rams once more then the NFC east and the Jets with a 49ers team that hasn't been great. The Bucs and Packers have a bit tougher schedule but don't count them out I suppose

and now it is worse. son of a B

Brees: Doctors discovered 6 more rib fractures (