Sagging Attendance

Crowds of less than 20K are the norm now in the biggest CFL markets ... TO, VAN and MTL.

But look at the sparse crowd two minutes into tonight's Canucks game.


Somehow the Canucks will find a way to play all their players contracts no problem as will the Hurricanes. :wink:

Hurricanes attendance for the 2nd game of the season dropped 10,000:

When the [url=]Carolina Hurricanes[/url] opened their 2017-18 campaign with an overtime victory against the Minnesota Wild on Saturday they did so in front of a sold-out crowd of 18,680 at PNC Arena. On Tuesday, the Hurricanes’ second home game of the season had a different feel. This time the team lost to the Columbus Blue Jackets in overtime and the announced attendance at PNC Arena was a sparse 7,892.
As one commenter says replying to this article:
Its pretty simple man, people are broke. Here in Canada, major Housing debt, bubble, credit card debt, bubble...high taxes, big, drinks, parking... real expensive at games... i wish i could afford to go to games...

Damn the credit cards & higher housing, gas & food costs. Hockey is the lifeblood of Canadians, isn't it?
Vancouver fans just don't glom onto a Nucklers vs. Jets exhibition contest - so lots of the $400/ticket holders stay at home and either have lattes or die trying!

After a hot start in Winnipeg as Version 2 Jets - they too are starting to gradually lose steam as losing becomes the norm - w/ ineffective ownership and timid management, some scampy players like Byfuglien who are utter wastes of coin.

That said, Jets only have 200 to 500 unsolds for most of their games. With Jets in heavy fail mode last couple years its troubling the Blue Bombers can't make up ground in their loverly new facility. Still probably anglingfor 23,500 to 25,000 for Saturday afternoon's match vs. BC. (that's almost 10,000 unsolds; but really doesn't matter as most CFL teams, including the bombers are increasingly relying on TV & sponsorship money - not bums in the seats)

That's too bad. Arena's aren't that big, so drawing 15,000+ to a game should be fairly standard. Every market hasan arena/stadium, that the CFL would have killed for 10 years ago, and they have multi-million dollar players skating around. Society says thisis where people go...

Yeah that 7-2 sound thrashing the Maple Leafs pounded on them was sure a hot

A lot of leagues seem to being having issues selling out nowadays, the cost to go to games has reached a breaking point one would think, add in we live in a day and age of convenience, and etc - this is where it gets us.

Trying to bring this to be CFL related, I'm surprised that Winnipeg isn't selling a few more tickets, they have a competitive team, which one would think it would help sell tickets. Then again, I've always felt that IGF was built too large for the Bombers fanbase and possibly in the wrong location - historically the Bombers have averaged around 25-26,000 and downtown locations are always more accessible, or at least that what everyone talks about.

BC, Montreal, Toronto and Calgary are different animals I suppose, as "NFLitis" or big city mentalities seem to be the biggest culprits.

Seems like he is clearly saying their second goaround as a franchise in the city. Of course the numbers were solid because people were required to sign on for 3 seasons or whatever for STs

Cost. Totally. College games are still packed. Sports has not matched inflation for way too long.

I know but it felt nice to type in the post you quoted....

So trolling

Never mind ticket costs, go to a Bomber game, take a friend, offer to buy a couple of beers and a burger and thats a WAD of cash!!

When Bud drafts in a leaky cup hit twelve bills, the “Wumper Axiom” sets in;
“CFL Attendance, in foul weather, is inversely proportional to the median beer price.”

With tomorrows forecast currently “plus 6 in a cold drizzle”, look for a ton of empty seats, Lyle, I’m calling 22k announced.

Wad will be meeting with TSN cameramen today, reminding them “no crowd pans”.

The weather should help MOS/PLOP, cold and wet, just miserable:
Harris gets busy, BC receivers struggle, all Import Bomber DL kicks some Jennings but.

No Westy, who’s going to take the RTP calls??

Westerman sure was good going after the passer - after the whistle! Too bad he couldn't defeat decent o-linemen to get in QBs faces earlier?

Wadzilla is going over crowd-panning protocol as we chat w/ TSN camera dudes and their supposed directors.

I'm actually more optimistic than you Wum - I think they'll announce 24.1k fans - keep in mind Wad has been papering the community last 2 or 3 games. Given last week's sour performance at home vs. Hamilton, the cryptic nature of Nichols hand injury & the cover-up gloves plus the weather you mentioned - its a WWW (aka Weak Winnipeg Walkup, perhaps under 250/300)

I'll also set up a Gameday thread - if someone doesn't beat me to it - but I'd say there's at least a 60% chance the bombers get their arses handed to them for a 2nd consecutive game! O'Stoic will simply point to his 10-5 record and show the media the calendar for next week with a final retort - "We've got to be better!". Perhaps find a way to look at film better, dufus!

Could we please refrain from the childish nicknames and pot shots at certain CFL execs/coaches ?
I've never understood the need to purposely go out of your way to avoid using Wade Miller, Danny Maciocia, Kent Austin, and etc's real names.

To get back on topic, Edmonton is a location that should also be concerning, the Esks used to average over 35k from 2001-2011. What gives ? Can't just be McDavid.

A lot of it is McDavid, to be sure. But Edmonton pines itself on being a mini-Toronto or a juniorized version of Vancouver - so diminished interest in attending reasonably-priced CFL product is waning. That's a concern - Calgary has already had their downturn and seems to be stabilized in the 28,000 to 31,000 gameday.
But Calgary never had a coliseum capable of housing 50,000+ frothing CFL fans - I think their base capacity was around 35,500 at McMahon - and with Taylor Field burnt down - McMahon is now the worst facility in the pile!

Edmonton's attendance was going down prior to McDavid though.

Calgary needs a new facility with max capacity around 30k IMO.

I'd say this about attendance... All CFL teams should slash their ticket prices 50% across the board. Jets payroll is $60 million and Bombers payroll is what, $5 million? Centre ice Jets ticket is $200. 55 yd line for Bombers is $100. Do the math.

Get more fans and bums in seats and interest in league, merchandise sales and TV ratings will grow. All the old models and pricing theories are out the window. Innovate or die.

45 to 50k crowds in Edmonton were unsustainable, given the entrenchment of the NHL in Edmonton - and the rapidly rising high costs of NHL season tickets. No point in re-doing Commonwealth - drape some sections and work with a gameday goal of 33,000 to 36,500 - expandable to 40,000 for western finals, 55,000 for Grey Cups.
If Calgary can somehow convince the grocer who runs the city to up for a new facility - shouldn't be under 30,000; this is western Canada where CFL is still mostly appreciated - no fewer than 32,000 to 33,500 - expanded to 40,000+ for Grey Cups, rock concerts.

Are you sure about your pricing? I understand some bomber tickets in elite zones are over $140, closer to $155/$160 when you tack on taxes & fees.

But your original premise about slashing CFL prices is a good one. Except in Toronto where they can't sell CFL tickets for a buck, let alone 12 bucks!

Shocking. A new poster starts a negative thread about the CFL.

Not trolling at all but your post certainly is, you should try to not be so uptight all the time.....