Safeway/ Sobeys TD to win

As a general observation it seems that contestants that are selected for the TD to win contest are always from the west.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone from Ontario…and I know that rules say the contest is not open to residents of Quebec. Never seen anyone from the Maritimes/east coast…

For years it was just Safeway and there aren’t too many stores in Ontario-especially southern Ontario…so when Sobeys was added-- I figured there’s more of a balance now…but doesn’t seem to be.

Not sure if either franchise is available out east?

This is more of an observation than anything else…and based on last weeks game- combined with the miserable weather, I’m ho hum about the Montreal game and just hope that there are NO additional injuries going into the playoffs.

(re-watched the BC game in Hamilton and pretty sure saw former Cat Lee Knight in the stands…)

It’s only eligible to Northern Ontario and Western Canada.

I’ve seen winners selected from Thunder Bay

Not so. Sault Ste. Marie does not have one. Not sure about Sudbury.

[tr][td]Customers will automatically receive a Safeway/Sobeys $1,000,000 Touchdown to Win entry every time they shop at any Safeway or Sobeys location in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northern Ontario, providing that their AIR MILES® Card is swiped at the checkout. Entries are valid for a period of two (2) months, after which time the database may be cleared. Collection of entries will begin two (2) weeks prior to Contest Period.[/td]
[tr][td]NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.Anyone fulfilling the conditions of Rule 2 can enter by visitingwww.touchdowntowin.comto register. Participants must provide their full name, telephone number, city, province, postal code, email address, AIR MILES® Card number and follow the on-screen instructions prior to the end of the Contest Period. Limit one (1) online entry per person per day. Participants can also enter by sending his or her name, address and telephone number to:[/td]
[tr][td]Safeway/Sobeys $1,000,000 Touchdown to Win Contest
P.O. Box 67050
Toronto, Ontario M4P 3C8
[tr][td]Limit one (1) entry per envelope.[/td]

I don’t understand the sense of excluding Southern Ontario stores when those in Northern Ontario are included.


My closest neighbourhood supermarket is a Sobeys.


Sault Ste.Marieand Sudbury may not be considered to beNorthern Ontario, but I'm not sure. If you look on a map of Ontario, they are more central. Places like Thunder Bay, Kenora and Red Lake are true cities/towns in Northern Ontario. However, I do agree that it does not make sense to include all of Ontario in the contest.

Has there ever been two kickoffs returned for TDs in the same game in the history of the CFL? Not a huge injustice if we can’t enter.

The much bigger injustice was that I never got a chance to kick for $1 million back when that contest was running.

Yes - last year I believe.
There was a bogus penalty call THAT THE LEAGUE HAD TO APOLOGIZE (AGAIN!!!) for. and the winner was gypped out of a million bucks.
Notice that Visions has now pulled their prize deal out of the promotion? They had to award the lady a $25k home theatre setup (quite a nice one too - I researched the components). Unless Sobey's/Safeway wanted all the promotions under their umbrella, of course...

Cross the French River, and I fiqure you are in Northern Ontario! Rock, trees and lakes, God’s country. Of course, if you live in Toronto, you just need go north of Steeles Avenue.

Fans living in Hamilton can enter…

taken from the rules…

“The Contest is open to all residents of Canada except Quebec who have reached the age of majority in their province or territory of residence, except employees (and those with whom such employees are domiciled) or agents of Sobeys Capital Incorporated (“Sponsor?) or its parent companies, affiliates, or franchisees, Promotivate LP (“Promotivate?), TSN, CFL or any CFL Team (“Contest Partners?), LoyaltyOne Co. (“LoyaltyOne?) and their respective advertising and promotional agencies.”

Participants can also enter by sending his or her name, address and telephone number to:
Safeway/Sobeys $1,000,000 Touchdown to Win Contest
P.O. Box 67050
Toronto, Ontario M4P 3C8

Or enter on line

and oh, remember, you must have an Air Miles Reward Card.

Someone needs a geography lesson. Google Northern Ont. It's that easy.


I see you were just relaying what Safeway/Sobeys was saying.

I thought the statement was a little misleading as there is only 1 Safeway (Thunderbay) and 1 Sobeys (North Bay) in ALL of Northern Ont.

Fixed for ya.