Safeway as a league sponsor?

Now that Sobey's purchased Safeway out west for nearly $6B, will this mean another lost sponsorship.
Reminds me of Rona from last year.

Have to wait and see. Im thinking Sobies would want some involvement in the CFL. Especially with TSN doing all the games and new stadiums going up.

Doubt it. Not the culture over at Sobey's. Very conservative company.

Depends what they do. If they run them as two separate companies it might have no effect. If they combine operations there will be a lot of layoffs and store closures in the west and who knows what they would do with the sponsorship agreement.

I doubt they will be run as two separate companies because Safeway still exists. The problem is that Safeway is a US company and still have their US stores, Sobeys only bought their Canadian stores not the American stores so I doubt that Safeway would let them continue with that name. Sobeys also own Foodland; FreshCo. Price Chopper; IGA; Thrifty Foods so a pretty big company. It's one of these huge corporate moves to buy out your competition. Looks like they want to try to get bigger than Loblaws.
Who knows if a Canadian grocery chain wants to get into the CFL sponsorhip the way Safeway did we'll have to wait and see.
Interesting that the two biggest CFL sponsors, Safeway and Wendys were American.

None of their companies are involved in sports. advertising: Lawton, IGA, Foodland, Empire, Crombie. They are one of my biggest clients and focus on their employees and growing their own brands. There won't be store closures except where they are tenants. There is more likely to be a lot of expansion and a lot of new locations.

That's not a problem. In a number of news reports the CEO of Sobeys has said they haven't made a decision on whether they will re-brand the Safeway stores to Sobeys. It may depend on what the Competition Bureau decides.

I do believe the majority of Safeway stores in Winnipeg are anchor tenants in various shopping centres. As well there are at least 5 Safeways that are within a few blocks of Sobeys stores.

If they don't have a time stamp on how long they can keep using the Safeway banner. I don't see why they would not keep it, its the cheapest way to go. They could rebrand the whole thing to IGA or a combination of IGA and Sobeys. When you pay that kind of money for market shares, the last thing you want to do is close outlets.

Will be interesting how they handle mall outlets and union stores.

All the Safeway stores are unionized and repped by the same union that reps Sobeys employees.

Sobeys also has mall stores in the Maritimes (where their HQ is), so I don't think that's an issue either provided their sizing is sufficient.

They own those malls :wink:

According to the official announcement, Sobeys bought Safeways' assets so it isn't a corporate merger or acquisition. They didn't buy the corporate entity "Canada Safeway". However, it is implied they have some ongoing rights to use the Safeway name and brands in Canada for sometime.

They can't rebrand the whole thing to IGA because they don't have rights to the IGA name in most of BC.

Closing redundant outlets is simply NOT "the last thing you want to do". The value of the real estate alone can make it a profitable long-term decision to consolidate in some limited areas.

speaking as a Toronto area fan, my hope is that Sobey's takes over the sponsorship so that we can take part in the Safeway contests.

(for those that don't know, we ain't got no Safeways... so we're kinda left out of those contests)

What he said. But for Ottawa.

Supposedly Safeway will be keeping it's name, or at least for the time being anyway. Safeway points and what not are apparently going nowhere, though i am sure we will see a few of each store close. This move was more about expanding holdings in the west than it was about sticking their name on the sign out front. It also offers major savings in distribution. Sponsorship should be safe for a year or 2.

The CFL isn't the sponsorship of pros by Safeway. They also have Score and Win contests for the Jets, Flames, Oilers and Canucks on their regional broadcasts.

The orginal post was about "Safeway as a league sponsor?" they were a large US chain with plenty of money to spend on CFL sponsorship, we don't know if they will continue as a sponsor. They were a huge CFL sponsor just like Scotiabank was and Rona was. Scotiabank was a big loss to fans because they gave fans an opportunity to buy decent tickets at half price.
I see that Scotiabank is pulling out of hockey too - in Ottawa. The arena is now called the Canadian Tire Place not Scotiabank Place

[url=] ... scotiabank[/url]

From what I can gather, Scotiabank did not pull out of hockey, just that Ottawa owner Melnyk exercised a clause in the 15 year deal (signed in 2006) enabling him to sell naming rights to other tenders. (Canadian Tire in this case)

I'm quite certain this deal is worth more than the reported $20 million from Scotiabank.

That was kinda my point…they are keeping everything else as is for now, so why would this change?

Exactly, I am tired of those damn westerners winning all those nice prizes.