does anyone else watch Dylan Barker he looks lost out there.when on a safety blitz he is to slow and never if ever gets to the quarterback. on coverage he is always out of position and gets there to late,the other dbs look bad because there is no deep Safety support. again he gets there to late i dont like to pick on a single player but the coach must see this too.

The majority of posters here are likely to believe you're watching old film of Sandy Beveridge.

Awesome thread.

to me Sandy Beveridge.and Dylan Barkerare the same guy we have not had a good safety since a young rob Hitchcock

Barker is still pretty inexperienced back there. He has all the attributes of a fantastic athlete( size,ability,attitudeand work ethic). We must allow him to have the time because IMHO he will turn out to be one of the best safety's in the league under Greg Marshall's watch. Please just give him some time!!

I agree with Grover.

I also agree with Grover, but it is really touch to watch the maturation process.

The safety blitzes are too easy to read, and he is not reading the deep passes very well when our DBs need the help on deep coverages.

On a good note, he finally proved he can catch the football, as we all know he has been in position to make a number of interceptions.


Dylan and Sndy are 2 very different players. Sandy was a wrap and tackle kind of guy where Dylan likes to bring the wood a little more. The other biggest difference was Beveridge was more a thinker and Barker is more physically gifted. When he bulks up a bit more, and gains some experience, he will become one hell of a safety.

Personally, I wouldn't mind him bulking up a bit, as long as it doesn't cost him any speed. I think he hits fairly well, and does a pretty good job wrapping up at the same time (the Dressler TD excepted). A little more experience in reading the offence to get the jump on the throw, and he's there.

It was good to see him adjust his blitzing to suit the opposing teams. On BC and Toronto, he was in on the QB fairly regularly, but not so much against Saskatchewan, or at least that;s how it appeared to me. Durant isn't as easy to fluster as Printers and Lemon, so he didn't go after him as much, preferring to sit back in the secondary more. (I'm sure Marshall had something to do with this as well.)