safety than should have been

That is probably the reason we lost. Not to mention the dropped balls(especially #11's drop in the endzone).
They should have tagged the eskimo returner in the endzone for 2 points late in the game.
Instead they bring it out, have field position(with I believe 2 penalties) and the rest is history.
We shoulda, coulda won this game. I think there are alot of positives to take away from this game.
The offense seems much more effective and confident with Glenn in there.
Porter has not earned the starting job...Glenn has IMO.

Actually it would have been a single... and since we took a no yards penalty it probably would have not been a single. Although Edm might have taken the field position over the single.

Crash, I didn't have the best view on that play, but didn't the ball roll out of the endzone? If so - it would have been a safety. However, a no-yards call would have nullified it.

If Setta had put an effort in and recovered the ball while everyone was standing around with their fingers in their noses, we would have had a TD...