Safety Ruling

While watching the game I thought it should have been a safety, but forgot until listening to the ticat show
on chml tonight. I think it was the first quarter and the Medlock punt was booted by the Als returner
into the end zone and covered for a single. Was this not a safety touch? Could have changed the momentum.
Am I wrong?

Yes, you're wrong.
The Montreal player never had possession and didn't kick the ball intentionally.
See the "Roughing the Passer" thread for more detail.


What I noticed on this play was that our players were not going for the ball. Bo Smith can be seen giving the Montreal returner 5 yards, not realizing it was a free ball as it had been touch and kicked into the endzone by Montreal.

How could he have known? Bo Smith never looks for the ball.

How sharper than a serpent's tooth..... :smiley:

Now [i][u]THAT[/u][/i] is funny! :lol: