Safety problem solved..??

Knowlton, a converted d-back playing linebacker..
Move Knowlton,very quick and good size, too safety and Anthony takes his spot at Linebacker..
I think a good move IMO..

SAfety is not a problem, Glasper has been playing great.

I beg to differ - Glasper has been absolutley horrid. How many tackles has he made this year?

It's the safety's job to take away the deep ball and be the qb of the secondary and he's been doing that well. You don't judge a safety on how many tackles he makes.

Drexl, not saying Glasper has been "horrid", but "playing great" is an overstatement. He's adequate and there are many other areas I'd worry about first, so I'm glad you're sticking up for him.

I repsect your opinion. I don't agree with your player evaluation. Do you remeber Paul Bennett (sp) lookup the word safety in the dictionary - Bennett's picture is above the explanation..............