Safety Equipment & Culture in Football vs. Hockey

I will do my best to keep this a football related topic.

With the Zednik injury, I am reminded of the stark difference between the sporting cultures of football and hockey. Wear neck guards! If baseball & cricket catchers, lacross & football players and of course hockey goal tenders can wear proper gear without impeding play, then hockey skaters can wear helmets, visors and neck guards.

Now I don't want to sound like a football supremacist, but the difficulty encountered attempting to introduce existing safety equipment to pro hockey due to established culture is ridiculous. So are other aspects of the culture of that sport; namely, malice after the whistle as opposed to disciplined aggressive play in the bounds of the game.

Now I brought this to the CFL forum because I figured there's probably a good balance of football and hockey nuts here, so there'd probably be a balanced discussion.

I like the sport of hockey nut I don't understand the culture of the game.

Well said joe, I don't understand the culture of the game of hockey much myself either. The neandrethals who run the game don't seem to be able to be proactive like the people that run football to see what might actually be good to keep major injuries down. Why haven't they put in face shields at least for rookies coming into the game? I don't get it. Hockey is a great game but they have some archaics running the show. And players as well who have taken a few too many rubber pucks in the head to think straight. What, are football players wooses because they all wear face guards. Don't think so.