Safety: Clovis or Gordon?

Both Canadians, both good hitters, both originally safeties and good players, so I say both guys should be on the field in this defense. If we were to use both I think Clovis does fine at safety and Gordon's speed + powerful hits could be better used up front for blitzing and getting to the QB.

What do you guys think about how these guys should be used in the defense, if both are used?

Well, I won't vote because Gordon won't start, even if he ever gets healthy, and he also won't be used up front just to blitz.
Where is option C, please: Gordon backs up Clovis and plays special teams, and maybe some nickel or dime packages.
No way he starts, and while apparently I am in the minority in this regard, I say thank god he won't start....the fact we got him back for essentially nothing should tell you how highly the new GM in Hamilton regarded him.
Everybody loves the big hitter at safety, and seem willing to overlook the fact he couldn't cover anyone in man coverage!
Clovis, as a rookie, is already better than Gordon ever was.

well, we all know the saying - 'dont fix wat aint broke'.. we have GOOD pressure up front... This is a league wide known fact. I say put gordon in coverage so that when a receiver goes up to make a grab hes going to look for scotty maybe making him drop the ball, or getting knocked-up
(knocked up ..not out, i dont like seeing injuries, except with dave dickenson.. - HITS HOWEVER.... I LOVE THOSE :slight_smile: )

I think we should start Clovis then Pullem for Gordon..... :wink: :lol:

I like your tenacity at least!!

Yeah... i am passionate about the Riders just like you..I guess thats why Rider fans are considered the best. :thup:

Clovis has done nothing wrong to justify putting him on the bench in favour of Gordon. The best thing for a defensive back or offensive lineman is to not have anyone talk about you. Typically that means you are doing a good job and not getting beat. I like Clovis, I think he has done an admirable job in his rookie season.

I think the Riders are going to have a tough time picking who their rookie of the year will be. There could be a case made for all of Congi, Clovis and Fantuz.

ya i agree with R GOPHERS, Clovis is just a rookie and i didnt see him do nothin wrong! Clovis will be a very good player in the future and dont get me wrong, i like Scott! I hope to see both in at the same time, Scott could show Clovis how to hit to make this defence a very strong 1 in next couple of years.

I agree that CLovis should be the starter, mostly because he is younger and once he fully develops he will be a premier safety in the league and we will get alot more years out of him. However, i love the hard hitting style of Gordon so it would be nice to see him and Clovis on the field at the same time.