"Safe Haven", "Trolling" and other questions

From the Official Forum Guidelines:
" Team Forums Are Safe Havens: The forum areas named for the individual teams in the league are 'safe havens' for the fans of that team, and are off-limits for trash-talk from fans of other teams. Take it to the main forum (CFL Talk)."
This is being violated on a continual basis on the Ticats board. An example is if a member on the Ticats boatrd posts a thread about another CFL game taaking place for discussion with other Ticats fans. Due to the forum "feature", that thread gets posted to the Main page, and fans from the other teams invade our "Safe Haven" and start acting obnoxiously (not all of them, but there is a very high percentage of idiots). I would like to go back to the time when if you wanted to read a team's board, you had to navigate to that board. Don't forget, this site evolved from the original Ticats discussion boards before the entire league was brought in.

From the Forum Guidelines:
" Trolling: Unleashing cynical/offensive remarks about a particular subject or towards another user with the intent/result of provoking an argument/quarrel is considered trolling. Flaming or just being obnoxious and disruptive falls under our definition of trolling. Trolling of any kind will not be tolerated."
I would prefer to see enforcement on this issue. The level of trolling and baiting others to arguing seems to be ignored or swept under the carpet.

From the Forum Guidelines:
" No Politics / Religion: Unfortunately, these topics have proven too divisive, and moderator energy is a limited resource that is too often expended trying to police the inflammatory posts that result from these topics. Discussion of sport is what we aim to have these forums produce and promote. A thread that has evolved into a political or religious discussion will have posts removed from it, or may be locked in its entirety."
I know you have relaxed this due to the pandemic, but things have gotten a bit out-of-hand. On a recent thread I started, to discuss the CFL travel policy, fans of other teams came in (except for one - a very level-headed person) and started spewing hateful, hurtful, and outright dangerous conspeiacy theories and misinformation that is, quite frankly, life threatening. Unfortunately, that thread was locked, because it took too long to deal with the individual posts. I'm assuming they were posting on that thread because of the threads appearing on the Main page. There needs to be a hard line on this issue. To have people post information that is dangerous and contrary to Public Health guidelines with impunity is...disappointing...to say the least. Every major social media site bans accounts for a fraction of the stuff that I have seen on here.

I know that Site Admin is stretched, and the volunteer(!) moderators are both few and overwhelmed. I have had a long conversation with one of the staff about issues like these. I personally feel that things need to be heavily moderated for a period to help peoples' behavoiur on here.

I agree with the vast majority of your post, but I must add that it is not just your forum..It happens elsewhere.

The problem in my opinion is that the fourm is either over or under moderated! And I know from personnel experience that there in no consensus among them.

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I think you're right - the safe haven rule does get violated - and the reason it does so is simply because the Ticats section is the most active and thus non-Ticat fans see those posts and naturally want to reply to them.

I'm trying to find out if we can modify the site to show a warning/notice that if you're about to reply to a post in the Ticats section, it says "hey this is the Ticats area, it's a safe haven, feel free to disagree but trash talking after a win/loss/etc is disallowed". Right now I kind of don't blame people for not following the rule as you really wouldn't know where you're posting by just looking at Latest Topics.


Sully, thank you for taking the time to respond.
I almost never come to the Main page, as the overwhelming majority of my activity is on the Ticats board. I access it directly via a bookmark, and I don't think I have EVER made a post on another team's board.
Because of this, I was unaware that the "Latest Posts" from ALL boards was even a thing. Looking at it now, I can understand why others would jump right into that thread if it's about their favourity team. There IS a smaller notification about the post's location, but I'm not sure how many people pay attention to it.
@ro1313 I can only speak from my experience, and I don't visit other team's boards. Thank you for bringing this up.
@sully - how about a splash page (NOT a pop-up, those things are pure evil from a cybersecurity standpoint and are defeated by blockers) that must be acknowledged (ie: click to continue) whenever a thread is accessed from the main site? Something along the lines of "This thread is on (insert team here's) team board. It is considered a Safe Haven for their fans, so please act courteously" for example.

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The strange thing about the Ticat board is that i've found that 95% of the "trolling" is from their own members. They just seem to love to bait one another continually. Strange.


And your documentation for that is ...... ? Oh just your personal observation . Well thanks for playing our game . Don Pardo , do we have any lovely parting gifts for our contestant ?


I hope that applies to all team forums....and seeing how mods were brought up.....it would be real nice if they bothered to reply to PMs

I agree about it being applied to all other forums.

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@sully Possible to only have the "latest topics" pull from the main CFL forum?

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" Don't forget, this site evolved from the original Ticats discussion boards before the entire league was brought in"

umm, no. It was the ticats forum, and other teams, that were brought into( or amalgamated with) the CFL.ca forums/site

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one reason that ticats forum seems so much more popular is that other teams have different sites, such as lionbackers.com.

You mean other sites that were around before the CFL forums? Like the ticats.ca forum?

cfl.ca has had forums/hubs since the late 90s. Other teams beside ticats also had their own forums, such as the lions. Cant remember who all else. I posted on both cfl.ca and ticat.ca before they were amalgamated. It was Bob Youngs company that was in charge of the CFL.ca site when they decide to do this.

At first they just changed the pointers on the team sites to go to CFL.ca forums. At some point they seemed to have just eliminated the pointers/ links altogether.

Getting ridiculous now.
Obviously the Hamilton Tiger-Cats section of the site is by FAR the most active. People treat the "Latest Posts" as an open invitation to invade a "safe haven" on a continual basis.

Please, eliminate this "feature".

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or just eliminate the other teams forums all together since no one (except for Montreal )it seems is using them anyway .

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Colour me confused on the Safe Haven bit?

Even loading the TiCat forum directly the 3 newest posts are:
Are the Bombers juicing
Alouettes @ Bummers
Lets all head to Toronto

Are you trying to claim that Argo / Al / Bomber fans should NOT chip in?
I mean I agree in theory if posts become offensive but I am skeptical that the other 3 teams fans would not say a word in those threads (esp the "juicing" allegation thread which is in itself offensive!)


Grade A common sense comment 'kav2001c'. :partying_face: :boom:


The difference is, though, that fans of other teams would have to purposely click on the Hamilton Tigercats subforum in order to even see those thread titles. The way it's set up now, they see the thread titles much more prominently than the name of the subforum in which that thread was created. That did happen before the change in forum software, but not nearly as often as it happens now.


Someone that gets it.
Previously you had to dig to find them. And rarely did anyone do it.
Now we may as well call it the main forum.

As I suggested earlier maybe the recent/latest should only be from the main forum..if possible

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