Sadness for the "Chill" in Riderland

Just saw Fred Childress was released. I realize he is getting old, but it sure was nice to have him on our team late last year. I was pulling for the guy to get in a complete solid season with us. Hope the best for him, and who knows, maybe some other team will pick him up again. Lord knows Calgary needs some help on O-line.

...........oh for crying out loud will you Priders give up on the Calgary O-line insults..........your O-line is now suspect having released a veteran who may be slowing down but could've (would've) brought immeasurable leadership to your crew............Freddy is a stand up guy and maybe will get picked up by a team needing some help up front...........but it won't be here.........


Damn! The Chill played well in the playoffs. I liked having him around. He may have been aging but he protected well.

He'll settle in in a backup role

He's only been released because the Riders want to protect Maur (Sp?) the number 3(or 4??) draft pick in this years Canadian draft. The Chill and the Riders have some sort of agreement happening. It's been reported that he was approached by the Renegades but turned them down. According to the local media he's here for another year or two to try for one more cup.