You no the Argos won that game fair and square,I have no problem excepting that loss.But when the Argos try to run Ricky Williams in for a touchdown with 7 seconds left on the clock I can't except that.I have no respect for a team that does that.It would of been nice to see him get hurt on that play,than they would of realized you take a knee with 7 seconds left,and your up by ten. :? :?

I NEVER want to see anyone get hurt.

Taking a knee shows class, however if you're not willing to play then you're not a pro. Sometimes you have to suck it up and play hard right to the end.

And Hamilton won that small moral victory. Good on them.

agreed, now hamilton has a few weeks of not being the first team to allow a 100 yard rushing game to RW.

That's a point of pride, as is holding the argos on that last drive.

the INT's and Penalties were disappointing, but expected with so many new players and coaches.

Other than the fact it was to the Argos, it wasn't a bad loss. a good gut check type win.

I’m a Cats fan and hated seeing the Argos try to score in the last 8 seconds; I too thought it was classless (initially). The reality is that in the event of a tie at the end of the regular season points for and against count. Sort of like when the Canadian Women’s hockey team won 16-0 in the round robin at the Olympics. I understood it then and as much as I hated it yesterday I understand it now - I just wish it was us doing the running up!

Some may remember the year we had Dunigan. We were ahead late against Saskatchewan, all we had to do was take a knee to run off the clock but Don Sutherin told Dunigan to go for it, Dunigan nearly got killed and then we took the knee. So it's not like the Cats have never done this kind of thing.

Besides, in the event of a tie to determine a playoff spot these points will matter. We play the Argos 4 times this year and if we end up 2-2 against them the point differential could matter. I didn't like it much either, but I understand what they were thinking.

p.s. if you want to be mad about a play, be mad at the D-lineman who jumped offside on 3rd and 2!

I have to agree with Halifax on this.
And I choose to interprit it (hope I am correct) as Pinball is scared of us this season. He thinks he will not womp us this year, and a really good chance we will split the series.
That has got to be great.