Sad way for the Lions to end their season!!!!!!

Gosh- to lose the Western Final in front of a large crowd will be so disappointing for the Lions fans. Disappointment will turn to anger as the fans realize they were outcoached and outplayed by a team with approx. half the payroll of their team. Gosh, it will be a sad day for Lions fans!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :rockin: :cowboy:

Carefull turkey, It's hard to eat crow especially feet first.

BC's going down! Winnipeg/Saskatchewan Grey Cup in Toronto! :rockin:

the only thing about the rider win that isnt good...turkybend spamming the forum with 5-10 threads with the same topic.

Just wondering turkeybend what color is the sky in your world.

Quit fueling the fire man, noone wants to see your assaholic self booted for life.


Stick to the Turkey Rankings, big bird.

Your feathers are starting to smell like spam...

Half the payroll, half the fans, half the brains, half the talent, half the heart, half the break away speed of Geroy.

Half the dorks.

No reason to name call here regalbeagle.

Sorry leaglebeagle... My bad.

Turkey eat crow? He/She runs and hides when his Riders lose but loves to post when his Riders win.

Zero of the RLRs.

Before you all go get the lynch to hanf a turkey you all have to remember this is only a footbal game. Win or lose if your entertained thats all that counts in the end. My team lost yesterday but I heard it was a good game. No big deal. Turkey is just firing up his fellow fans and getting under the skin of the next opponents. :lol:

Considering the Lions have never been able to repeat, I think we already know the outcome of next week's game.

Thank you. Glad you agree. :smiley: