Sad to see so many good veterans being released by CFL teams

It seems that there is just not enough money under the cap as good players that have established good contracts are being dropped or traded for nothing. We saw what happened to Collaros, now it's Adarius Bowman , Marquay Mcdaniel, Kyries Hebert, Charleston Hughes, Willis, Durant.

It seems to me that the cap is just too low . The CFL is a good product that sells very well in the west but not so much in the east. I am not sure if the cap can be raised ? Could the east teams be able to handle it ?

McDaniels would look good in gold/black. If the $$$ is right!

Tasker >>>> McDaniels

You are correct, he does look good in gold and black.
Many other options out there, we once cut him for nothing. How about Sinkfield, anyone know what he is up to?

Tasker ..........age 27
McDaniel.......age 33

Not sure with the 6 yr difference in age if I'd be interested in McDaniel . Also not too impressed with his attitude after he threw his team mate under the bus and blaming him for Calgary's loss in last years Grey Cup . Besides his best days are clearly behind him and signing him at this stage would be strictly a stop gap measure . I would rather if we had to sign a new wr that we sign DaVaris Daniels.....the guy that McDaniel threw under that bus . He is currently a FA unsigned by the Stamps , is only 25 yrs of age and he had really nice numbers last year to go along with his nice stats he had 2 yrs ago in his rookie season .

Yup Hard cold reality of the 5.2
Million Cap , hope they raise it soon it’s a joke factors like that if these players were Canadian then they can have a longer playing career if your a star! Fantuz would be gone if he was American. Also if the XFL matches our league minimum in USA Dollars ? why come here ?!$

This is the "Catch 22 " of the CFL. If the cap goes up, the team's pass it on to the fans. For me $200.00 for a fake team jersey is just a bit much. The price of very terrible food. So where does it stop and become realistic. Season tickets where you can actually see the game at an affordable price. I am not complaining. I am pointing out the realities of the league. Food for thought.

LOL . No pun intended . :wink:

The NFL pays their players what they do because of huge TV contracts , it is time for Bell media to pay the CFL what they deserve..... If TSN can pay the Ottawa Senators 45 million a year on a regional contract that pulls in about 120, 000 viewers per game , then surely the CFL that pulls in an average of 500K per game, minus playoffs and Grey Cup would be worth a whole lot more on a yearly basis .......

No Offense if you paid $200 for a jersey you don't know how to shop.

$189.99 crested with any number and your name in the Tiger Town store. Where do you buy your team jersey at a reduced price?

many such places

It's sad to see Goins, Barney, and Bautista let go by the Blue Jays but that is the nature of pro sport . Whether a salary cap or luxury tax is used, costs and revenue must be considered. Older players who have lost a step get replaced by younger and cheaper players .

Jimmy Garoppolo is getting $ 137.5 million from the 49ers while Brady and Big Ben are 15th and 10th in QB earnings . In the NFL, obviously, younger does not always equate to cheaper but some veterans take a discount in order to give the club room to sign pending free agents .

CFL teams must live within their limitedmeans and still produce entertaining football . Older players know the business better than most and realize that careers are short and they will come to an end. Hopefully they have already started their next career before their athletic clock runs out .

In pro sports, the adage is always "Next man up!"

Pat Lynch (the old guy) RIP to my old Westdale Coach Dave Fraser

Without looking at books for each team, how can anyone propose the cap be increased?

I believe they need to grow the game in a massive way, before considering raising the cap.

Teams like Toronto, BC and recently Montreal always lag behind in attendance- coincidentally these are also the biggest markets. :-\

Marquay McDaniel released:

My first thought was whether his chirping after the Grey Cup made this decision a little easier for Huf.

You got that right! This isn't the 90s where the CFL is almost folding, attendance and viewership is up yet the TV networks figure they are doing a favour to Canada and the CFL by broadcasting the games.

You can tell it is a Yank site; Hamilton Tiger Cats SOCCER jersey.

The 2018 cap will be 5.2 million like last year, and with a minimum at 4.6 million. I guess they're worried some teams might under spend, and in turn be under-competitive.

The cap was only around 2 million a decade ago, so it's already had a significant increase.

bobo - Actually it was Kamar Jorden that McDaniel threw under the bus. Jorden fumbled that ball right in front of us and Vaughn (Ticat "reject" - lol) scooped it up and ran it down the field. Jorden incidentally was one of the first potential FAs re-signed by the Stamps! And I agree - the Ticats don't need McDaniel - been there, done that! :slight_smile: