Sad to say, Junior Seau found dead

Unfortunately, the long time Charger was found dead, with shooting being suspected. What a world we live in... so sad. I really admired his game growing up.

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Brain trauma issues?

Regardless, this needs serious attention right now!

Some reports say suicide, but not confirmed yet.

A shame, if it is suicide just shows you fortune, fame and glory isn't always the best medicine for what can ail you. :?

Latest report is that he shot himself in the chest.

There is some speculation that he may not have shot himself in the head because he wanted the brain preserved for study, but who really knows what a suicidal person is thinking.

There is precedent for that.

On 17 February, retired American-football player Dave Duerson committed suicide. The 50-year-old former defensive back for the Chicago Bears left this haunting note for his family: "Please, see that my brain is given to the NFL's brain bank." Then he shot himself in the chest, leaving his brain intact.
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Good work, Captain. The state of sports is really in a bad place right now. With so much attention on needless injuries, we are now seeing the results of them years later. How many former CFLers have we seen barely able to walk? Others having suffered serious injuries in their day. I like how some leagues are putting a lot of resources into a solution, I just wonder if it is just for show. thoughts?

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If any good can come from this tragedy, this is a start. Sad news about a superb former player.

Oski Wee Wee,