Sad story of Matt Dunigan's concussion problems

That is quite a story, Cap'nKirk.

Kudos to Matt for drawing attention to the lingering lifelong problems that concussions create.

I know that football helmets manufactures are working hard to make helmets that give better and better protection.

With him and other players donating their brains to science, better helmets will be designed to protect players
and the medical profession will find ways to help players to better handle the after effects of concussions.

I hope concussions will be virtually eliminated one day, at least in football.

What blows my mind, no pun intended, is the way that football helmets come off so easily these days (see the Johnson hit on Pierce last week).

I realize the game is faster, the athletes are stronger, but is there not something that can be done.

And to think that players used to wear the "leatherhead" type protection without any cages.

truely is a sad story, hits home for me because i have post concussion syndrome and my parents also took me out of football and rugby because of concussions, truly hope advancements in science and equipment can eliminate concussions for good so kids like me don't have to quit playing at such an early age, Dunnigan is truely a legend :smiley:

I haven't had a chance to watch this until this morning.

Very courageous of Matt and his family to provide for the rest of us, who don't get to see this side of sports, such an honest and open view of this tragic problem. Seeing his emotion made me emotional for him and his family.

It still shocks me to think he had at least 12, yes 12, diagnosed concussions during his career.

He's still dealing with the effects. Yet, watching him on TSN, I wouldn't know it. I guess, that's part of what made this presentation so revealing.

Thank you, Matt, for your wonderful contribution to this great game and your continued service to this cause.

If look at alot guys Helmets there not on Properly
There buckle not snap or it not the right size.
in Youth Football kids must have helmets Properly size and all buckles must be on tight

I the pros it's up to the players to protect them self Backed my Trainers and Equipment Staff

also there new helmet by Riddell that looks at head Trama it call the the 360
Send back date to chip inside the helment

[url=] ... 60-helmet/[/url]

Info on the 360 helmet

Calgary has most of these helmets in the CFL

I can't remember the game this season where it was shown. But, I do remember TSN talking about those special helmets that the Stamps are using to diagnose concussion problems. On second thought, it was probably a Calgary game.

Apparently, with these devices, they can narrow down quite exactly where the hits are coming from in relation to the victims head and this helps them with treatment and I guess could also assist the manufacturers with design improvments. If I recall correctly, the team has only have about 8 of these helmets.

If possible, the other teams in the league should be joining the effort to help safeguard their most valuable assets. The more information made available, I would think, the better.

Yes Riddell Use this in many of the Helments it makes

Hi Onknight:

Just watched the video. Thank you. It looks like the same information that I saw on TSN.