Sad state of affairs...

Well, first off, I missed the last three home games due to a busy wedding schedule. Besides my friends dogging me and telling me to take my skirt off, I really haven't missed much!!!!!

The team played like absolute garbage tonight and for the matter, the entire season!! I posted not too long ago in defence of Jason Maas. I take it all back! He is not the quarterback I thought he was! The ONLY GOOD PLAYER ON THIS TEAM GOES BY THE NAME OF COREY HOLMES.

The fact is, I, my brother, and my best friend, are so sick of this team. This is worse than 'bad times'. There hasn't been a winning football team in this city since 1999. I think we are fed up completely!

The games are not even fun to attend anymore!!! There is nothing to watch! It's cheaper to stay at home and buy a case of beer. At least there you can change the channel!!!

Before I finish my rant...I have three things to say:

  1. The game PA guy, is a complete idiot. I'm not sure what game he's watching half the time when he says stupid things like, "look at that ticat spirit out there"

  2. Fans that chant...."Fire Lancaster" are the biggest idiots! You can't fire an INTERIM Coach.

  3. Bob, if you don't do something, you're gonna lose half your fans....actually I'm starting to suspect you're gonna be selling the team shortly!