Sad news

Just to let all CFL fans know George brancato has passed away at the age of 88

I’ll always remember his Ottawa team nearly upsetting the mighty Eskimos in the 1981 Grey Cup.

RIP George. :frowning:

I liked George and I didn’t even cheer for Ott. He was a tough one. RIP

Just saw this on the CBC. Legend in Ottawa. It’s the '76 Grey Cup I remember most.

I’m sure Ottawa will do something next week when they have thier next home game.

He’s was an icon in the CFL.

For fans of a certain age Brancatto was the face of OTT football as much as a player.

RIP - it’s tough to lose a CFL Legend.

He was Ottawa football when I started watching in 1981. I’ll always remember him on the sidelines chomping on ice.

He either had very good teeth or false teeth.