Sad experience in TO

My wife and I took our daughter and our niece to Ontario Place today. It was a birthday present for both girls. While we were there we noticed a Roger's display. They had a number of sports related contests. They included theams from the area, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto FC and, wait for it, ...

The Buffalo Bills.

I know its the A***s, but do they not realize that there is a football league in Canada with a team that plays int Toronto?

In all honesty I believe there are probably some back door negotiations going on for Toronto to acquire an NFL franchise, I know it may sound ludicrous but you never know.

Imagine rogers promoting a product they have millions invested in.

They have some nerve! LOL

Yup, all business and it’s stuff like this that makes me love the CFL and Argos (well loving the Argos in a weird sort of way of course :wink: ) more and more and stay away from Blue Jays, Bills in Toronto (not that I would go of course), Leafs (not that I would go of course), TFC (a joke for me to go to a soccer game to be honest with the MLSE behind it).

You go Rogers and Phil Lind, you go guys, you day man as they say. What a joke. :lol:

Rogers is the antithesis of Canadian culture, which is fine they don’t care, they are strictly business all the way which makes everything they do all the more explainable.

Anything affiliated with Rogers and MLSE = very bad news.
It's unfortunate the Argos have to play in the stadium owned by one of these crooked company's.

You (all of us collectively) have the power!

Rogers promotes the Bills because they think that is what their customers want. If you, everyone of you, every time you interact with Rogers point out to them that that is not what you want, they will get the message.

The odd thing is that Rogers don’t get Canada. It is part of what we all dislike about Toronto because that is where this taking-Canada-for-granted thing is centered.

Canada is an artificial construct created by the commitment of great Canadians dating back to Sir John A. Macdonald. We only get to keep this creation if we work on it every day.

You don’t have to get mad at the Rogers guys for not understanding Canada, you have to pity them.

But you also have to educate them by pointing out, over and over again, that the majority of Canadians do get Canada and we want to protect it from the tidal wave of US culture that comes crashing in every day.

So do your bit and remind every Rogers employee you interact with every day that you want them to stand up for Canada and all things Canadian. Including the Argos.

Cheers, Bob.

Excellent read caretaker. For a company with so much money and so much business success, it's very surprising that they lack the ability to show the class that ought to go along with such success.

bell canada is the only compnay i hate enough to make me deal with rogers.

What hypocriscy caretaker exactly where in canada is north carolina?

the southern provinces

Don't question a person's citizenship just because they don't live in Canada. Perhaps he has loved ones who live there? Perhaps his job takes him there?

I am 100 percent Canadian, but I live in Japan, and have a Thai wife. I don't think it makes me less of a Canadian.

Agreed! :thup:

If anything, living abroad makes u feel more Canadian. 8)

Plus the fact Bob has invested a lot of money in the community he grew up in taking a chance on the TiCats which weren't exactly doing very well when he bought them or making loads of dough, I'm sure there are a lot of Canadians out there who live abroad who basically don't give Canada the time or day or a red cent once they leave and live in another country.

The Toronto media seems to forget about the Argos, however The Fan 590 has regular commercials about upcoming Argonauts games.

You've got nerve dude ... and no class

I totally agree with you Bob. All Rogers cares about is money so do not buy there products. Be it cable TV, rental of movies or anything else they have their hands in. Stop buying their products until they stop trying to destroy a great Canadian institution like the CFL.

I don't like Rogers very much but you have to admit a couple things, they have great coverage for cell phones and they saved the Blue Jays.

You might not like baseball or the Blue Jays but you have to credit Rogers for buying the Skydome and the Blue Jays.

The Blue Jays were the hottest ticket in the early 90s and if they ever get good again, you'll thank your lucky stars that someone stepped in and bought them and kept them here.

I've never been a Blue Jays fan. It was always the bandwagon jumpers team.

In contrast, the great irony of the Argos is that they were only truly popular (like the Maple Leaves) as long as their reputation for futility continued. Once Obie gotthe ship in order at the start of the 80s the team went into a persistent decline... :o

I agree Bob, and have already notified them of my preference. The part that I find sad is that they would believe that their customers prefer the Bills over the Blue team. The part that is even sadder is that I am beginning to think that, for Toronto customers at least, they may be right.