Sad excuse for a game

Me and he guys were having a beer or two watching the Cats on the tube when Matt said, "this game sucks"! Funny, the rest of us where kind of thinking the same thing. After a few more brews the problem became clear. It was their second game in five days. They were, in baseball terms, playing a double header. So how much new stuff can you put in? True, they stuck in a pass from the punter that some genius dropped and tried a couple out on the flat passes, but the rest of the stuff was a repeat from game one. These back to back things are a rip off. I don’t want to see the same team next week and I want to see the Cats get some prep and rest time. How can you really say this was entertaining? I see it as a real potential for player injury. So play 17 games if you have to but don’t rip off the fans with this B.S.

i guess the edm/cal wasn't exciting they've been doing this for years mon/fri games, i guess when you have 2 good teams you can expect a good game. when you have 2 bad teams you get what we got

The least they should do is schedule the second game for Sunday afternoon.

Don't be to critical of the Ti- Cats you might upset the box J Boys then you will be in real trouble.You are absoulutely correct that game was garbage if they continue to play like that they will probably win 2 or3 more games this team cannot win on the road that is a sign of a good team

Perhaps history is repeating itself . Kickers are "different dudes" .

Pat Lynch (the aged one)

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What Domagala might or might not turn into isn't the question.
The question is why a team supposedly challenging for a GC is in evaluation mode, essentially gambling and presently losing , at key positions like P/K ?

Simple answer, that's what the Tiger Cats head office and coaches do, never find the right or proper talent to take the team to a higher level. The scouts should be fired. A year and a half to find talent and were left with overpaid underachieving players.

Schmenger (the not so old one)

Isn't Winnipeg in the western conference???

Winnipeg was in the East at the time.


You wouldn't base a team's finish on one win....why would you do the same with one loss???

I'm not sure if you just replied to a 12 year old thread or a new post...And WHY did this get brought back?

Sept 11 09 @ TOR.... Relive the magic as Nick Setta executes a perfect fake punt and pass to a wide open DB Lawrence Gordon who drops it in a late, crucial 3rd down gamble. IIRC he never played a game here again.

Sometimes people learn from the past . :roll_eyes: "We learn from history that we don't learn from history" - Desmond Tutu

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

So the management were geniuses in 2019 ( 16 wins) but now they're incompetent ? Please ! :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Pat Lynch ( a mature Tiger-Cat fan )

Choices were made back then

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OK, lets bring back all the old threads, I miss talking about Jamie Boreham

Sense of urgency. Old school.

Heaven forbid you should learn something from the past . :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Pat Lynch (there are more horses' asses than their are horses on this site.)


So are you saying that there is a lot of horseshit posted in this forum? :stuck_out_tongue:

You have to do that every year .that's how dynasty's are built