Sad excuse for a game

Should've easily blown the frickin argos out but no, at least 100 mistakes in what was definitely the worst performance by the cats this season. I'm really not impressed, 101 chances to put the game away, just would not execute. What happened to the team that won on Labour day? Did they decide to take a week off? Only real effort I saw was from Bruce, Cobb, Long and Knowlton. Other then that, everyone was enjoying their week off.

To make matter worse, check the opponents for the next 3 games. :expressionless:

Gadget plays? They weren’t needed. Control would have won the game.
QB changes? WHY?
Setta…in 2 games…a missed convert, 15 yd fg and 49 yd fg…he is an import…his kicking…quite simply, has been unacceptable…

If he is hurt…put him on the Injured list…if not???

its okay we let them win! So Peg can be LAST in the east ...right?>

Losing going into games against the champs and probably soon to be champs is a bad idea. It will also affect turnout for the game against Calgary next Friday.

What's up with the revolving QB'S. Arm tackling again by the D.
Tisdale getting beat on at least two key drives in the 4th. qt.
Beveridge nowhere to be seen on those semi deep patterns that killed them in the 4th.
Setta mising a chip shot single in the same manner he missed a chip shot fg last week.
We booed Boreham out of town a couple of seasons ago and he was performing better than Setta.

That was a weak effort and a definite Coaching loss.

Lemme list what killed us tonight.

  • TERRIBLE execution by the offense
  • TERRIBLE coverage by the OL
  • TERRIBLE coverage on kicks
  • TERRIBLE punts from Nick Setta
  • TERRIBLE mistackles on Cody Pickett that easily could've been sacks
  • TERRIBLE mistackles on Jamall Robertson
  • TERRIBLE coverage of Chad Lucas and Jason Carter
  • TERRIBLE field goal kicking by Nick Setta
  • TERRIBLE deep passes from Glenn
  • A MILLION AND A HALF two and outs
  • WAYYYY TOO MANY uncalled penalties against Toronto

did I miss anything???

Terrible coaching....

Coaching was fine, if you watched the gameplan it was perfect, if executed perfectly like we should have, we would've won 45-10. But instead we blew the plan to pieces every way we possibly could.

Don’t forget Lawrence Gordon’s 3rd down drop

thanks :smiley:
he tried to run with it before he caught it. Turning point in my opinion, we were ready to march right back down the field for another score or at least to pin the argos deep, not set them up with an instant TD. :roll:

What the hell is wrong with Setta???

Nice try by all the Cat players after a four day break between games, however I am disappointed because once again we played somewhat of a lack luster game, we had opportunities to score however once again left points on the field but I keep telling myself this is a young team that will only get better in time if they can learn from their mistakes and come back next game against Calgary and Montreal and play good football that will give them an opportunity to win.

I believe that this Ti-Cat team can be a good one in time, maybe not this year, maybe next but they still need some key areas to fill.

Like at Full Back, we need a Big Bruiser of a back, Cobb is fine at HB and I'm sure once Caulley comes back will be alright as well, Cobb has excelled beyond belief but we need a guy that Glenn or Porter can hand off to who 90% of the time will score a TD from within the red zone.

We also need another Joe Montford kind of Defensive Rush End who has the speed and size to sack the QB, most of the guys are getting better at the sacks but we need a leader in this area like we have with Jamel Johnson in tackles at Line Backer. Also still not 100% impressed by our offensive line, we need to give our QB's more time in the pocket.

McDaniel I think has the better hands by what we saw tonight to be on the offense as a WR or back up but his returns on kicks/punts are still not there, maybe it's just the return team that isn't providing the blocks but we do need a player with speed and who can make his own breaks on returns, it's always five yards, ten yards on returns we need guy who break a few returns in single game never mind a season.

Anyway, nice try Ti-Cats, we will get them next time!!!

Sure we had bad execution. I think mostly be the offense. Generally the defense was pretty solid as far as i could see. We just gave up too much in execution by the offense and those turnovers hurt us.

Okay...this is my third attempt at posting this...this board is as efficient as the Ticat FG team!

We did not need to change QB's was disruptive
We did not need gadget plays....we had control of the game...
We ran for 10 yds per carry but avoided handing off like the plague...

coaching tonight was terrible.....plain and simple...and lost us the game...

true, turnovers are the killers.

Big Deal we didnt deserve to even be in overtime until that last drive in the 4th. btw before you call for Setta's head you do realize Metlock or whatever his name is Missed today aswell Setta only missed twice and the last miss was from 49 yards out. if our O moved the ball a little better and our O-line actually blocked on the last drive in OT would be a different game. But all in all it was a close game that we couldve/shouldve won. Big deal we lost but atleast were still .500 and still have a legitmate shot at a home playoff game take a few breaths and before we start calling for some heads relax and remember Its a game sometimes you win sometimes you lose.

On returning punts, you pretty well have to pick a line and hit it up field right away. Dancing around and running sideways dont usually get you many yards, and often result in illegal block calls. I think he just needs to get off the mark faster when he catches the ball.

I hear, but it wasn't just a loss.

It was an ugly loss.

And... to the blue team.

We should at least get a point, like in hockey.
At least we came back and tied it at the end to force overtime.