Sad days for Bomber fans

I think we all knew this was going to be a rebuilding year due to Kelly's dismantling of the team, but this is just plain sad to watch. I have not seen such a pathetic offensive display from this team in a long, long time. We have no QB right now who is worthy of being a starter, and Kelly will probably not bring in another QB due to his ego. The only saving grace for this team right now is the defense, which get no rest because they are always on the field. Right now, I think we need to prepare for Reinbold era football for this team, unless drastic changes are made soon.

I still want to believe in LeFors, but he’s definitely making it really hard for me right now. It almost seems like instead of making progress, he’s going backwards…

Honestly, I think if we can get good QB play we can still finish second in the East. The defense has been outstanding… you can’t complain about anything they’re doing… they probably had more yards than our offense did in tonight’s game… special teams and the running game aren’t bad… but the passing game is awful and something’s gotta be done.

I think we all knew this was going to be a rebuilding year due to Kelly's dismantling of the team, but this is just plain sad to watch. I have not seen such a pathetic offensive display from this team in a long, long time. We have no QB right now who is worthy of being a starter, and Kelly will probably not bring in another QB due to his ego. The only saving grace for this team right now is the defense, which get no rest because they are always on the field. Right now, I think we need to prepare for Reinbold era football for this team, unless drastic changes are made soon.
Actually 90% of you didn't, and I strongly remember Bomber fans trolling our forums stating that they were going to be battling Montreal for 1st in the east or even capturing 1st in the first few weeks and the Ticats would be winless. Went on and on for weeks before the season and after their first pre-season win against us that they'd dominate the east early on and that Kelly wasn't an idiot but rather a genius. Hmmm... Different song now.

When Edmonton picks 1st and 2nd, 8th (Ticats forfeit for Carlson) and 9th. next spring that trade for Lefors will be even more painful to bare...

I'm frankly embarrassed right now.

Was Kit Cartwright the offensive coordinator tonight? Reinbold had more creativity. I'm tired of frickin' draw plays on 2nd and 10. LeFors stunk tonight, I don't want to see him out as the starting quarterback again. He doesn't have the pure ability to play quarterback in the league. I still think Randall is the QB of the future and I don't judge him from today. I think if he had the reps LeFors has had, the offence would be in a better spot. People can disagree but I truly think that's correct.

I liked what I saw from Richie Williams in his limited play today and I think he could be the guy for now. He needs some 1st team offence reps and see what to do from there. But I don't want to put it ALL on the QB and coach because the blocking sucked today and receivers stopped playing. They didn't finish routes and stopped blocking downfield after the 1st half. Truly pathetic all game. There hardly is any positives out of this game on offence.

Defense, bravo, you didn't stop. Barrin Simpson, I'm proud to be wearing your jersey right now. Hefney and Brown was outstanding as well. I can't think of one defensive player to rip into. They should have been enough spark for the offence to start to click but sadly, they stopped playing. Special teams was good as well. Renaud kicked well and I love his overall hustle. Gunners were good as well.

Bombers are officially the sad sacks of the CFL, what I saw today was pathetic, for one Kelly's head willl be on the chopping block real soon with all these bone head moves, Lefores should be released, Williams should be the #1 QB with Randell #2, this team is in total disaray and you thought things were bad just wait its going to get worse, They will probably lose again next week and why should Kelly remain with a team that he has totally ripped apart, not any different then what Reinbold did, I really thought Kelly would be good for the Bombers, wow was i wrong,they will be scrambling now and have to answer some tough questions this coming week, you stay with Lefores then kiss your season goodbye!

But let's be real, this is the CFL draft, which is more of a crapshoot than down south where you're usually sure the first 10 or 15 guys will be solid prospects.

I know we are talking about Edmonton but even they got to come out with something with four of the top ten picks in a strong draft.

...there is NOTHING you can do or say for the BigBlue faithful right now that would appease ....except a firing...just horse$hit...i will now get out my Gibsons Finest and do a slow burn....Scrap it boys...we have to start over....what a waste of time...once again... :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

You really can't compare Mike Kelly to Jeff Reinbold at all. Most of Kelly's moves have been great. Heffney, Shabazz, Donnie Smith, and the O-Line hasn't been that bad either for a group of guys who are still gelling. And anyone who thinks that Kevin Glenn was the guy is either forgetting last season or just simply choosing to ignore it. Yeah he's been good as a reliever to Porter but isn't that what all Bomber A were saying last year, that he was a #2 QB?

And maybe Lefors isn't the right guy for Winnipeg, cause to be a good QB in Winnipeg you have to have talent, but you also need to be deaf or extremely confident because when has Winnipeg EVER cheered and gotten behind their #1 QB? We've never done it. Dunnigan, Jones, Glenn, all of them had a good chunk of A slamming them for something. We're like the over-protective parent, no matter who the kids bring home, they're never good enough lol. I've said it alot, we're the CFL's equivalent to Eagle's fans.

What made me doubt Lefors today is that in Week 1, 2 and 3 he may have struggled, but he was still throwing with confidence and still making decent reads. But maybe all the pressure got to him and he started looking for the Big Play too often, cause he looked lost today.

Most of Kelly's moves have been great.
What the hell kind of tree are you smoking??!?!?! Must be some great stuff, wanna sell me some?

...this offence is in total the hell can anyone see a positive in any of it....sorry bluengold....I support this team through thick and thin....but when i see a TOTAL lack of effort (except for flashes on the d) i have to call it as i sees it....I don't like the basement....but unless there's a huge change...that's where this team will be for a long time :cry: :oops:


Donnie Smith?
Keeping Barrin Simpson?
Fred Perry?
Craver? (he's growing on me)

And January, Morley, together with Labbe and Khan have all looked fairly solid, fewest sacks allowed, until this week most rushing yards in the CFL.

Plus, you can't blame him for Gauthier and Picard leaving as they both stated they wanted to go closer to home out East, Dan Goodspeed at the time seemed like a good move because if you can start an All Canadian O-Line you do it...and Goodspeed's too expensive/good to rotate, and at the time Riall Johnson seemed like a good aquisition, still might be.

No, he’s right. The LeFors trade looks pretty stupid. Other than that, I don’t have a problem with anything he’s done.

As much as today’s game was pathetic… it can get a lot better in a hurry with a quarterback that can actually complete a pass for 10 yards or so. But until that happens, the Bombers are probably not going to win any more games.

The defense isn’t just flashes. It’s been excellent all year long. Which is more impressive when you consider how often they’re on the field.

I feel bad for the Bomber defence, as they do play hard if they had a decent offence they might have a decent team, Sorry I dont agree i think Kelly should be sent packing along with Lefores he does not have enough talent to play in this league.

...tell me ...where the hell was Giles.....hand-offs to Reid till everyone in the park know who's got the ball is poop...apparently we don't have a receiver... we don't seem to have a scheme to throw to one..The way Ralph played he can join LeFors and Randall on the bench...garbage... :thdn:

The moves that were made on the defensive side were good, and we do have one of the best defensive units in the league. If it was not for the defense, the scores of our games would be very ugly. The issue right now is the QB and the play calling. When you have a QB who can't complete a 1st down pass, and than run the draw on 2nd and long for basically no yards, you ain't going to win to many games.

I agree with you on Ralph completely. And maybe it's a family thing cause his brother in Calgary hasn't been that great either. (of course as I type this Brett Ralph just picked up a first down lol)

Horrible to watch tonite. Gut wrenching for any bomber fan. Here's my 2 bits:

Stefan LeFors: Pros - finally over 50% completion (7/11). Cons - 7 completions for only 30 yards in 2 quarters of football. And where is the passion, the fire? Can't stand a QB who doesn't show any fire when things aren't going well. Needs to be more of a leader, get his team going. My take - Not a big LeFors fan, but not ready to nail him to the cross for the BB woes. Horrible coaching has to take some responsibility for his ineffectiveness. Who puts a lefty QB under center to have him drop back and then have to twist his body around so he can throw the ball. Anybody who's watched him take snaps under center knows how ridiculous that looks. How is he even supposed to keep his eyes on the receivers? Putting him in shot gun more regularly will give him more time to find receivers IMHO and maybe help him to start developing a flow. Needs to put more zip on outthrows.

Mike Kelly: Pros - remembers the Bomber glory days and wants to restore them. Has rebuilt the defence to a top unit, that is until being on the field twice as long as the offence takes its toll. Cons - If I here this offence works, Matt Dunigan threw for over 700 yards in one game with it one more time... Not putting his QB in the right position to succeed. How can he watch the way LeFors has to move and position himself in order to take a snap from under center and not say this is screwed up and scap that idea or mix it up... Playcalling - no passing threat so defences stack the box to stuff the run, so of course, lets call a run every time there's a second and long. Really? And since teams are rushing the pass more, why are there no quick slants/out routes/screen pass... who leaves their ineffective quaterback in the game, especially a close game, when they are clearly injured after taking a hit (see 3rd quater vs Ham), I don't care how gutsy your QB is and says he's fine, anyone watching that game saw LeFors was hurt and as coach u need to make the right call for the team... My take - I personally think he needs to buck up and hire a proper OC but I don't think that will happen this year... needs to learn to speak to the media, has made multiple infamous quotes already, now alienates the fans by calling them schizophrenic for booing when his team manages 30 yards passing in 2 quaters... needs to learn to handle personnel better, not defending Armstrong but I don't think u pack a players stuff in a garbage bag and leave it at the door for him, basically booted Glenn out the door so he could give the job to LeFors, not giving Joe Smith any game time to earn his spot on the team. With so much turnover and the way he's handled some of the vets getting shown the door, i'm sure there are a few guys in the locker room thinking about that. Has he lost the locker room already? ... Stop defending LeFors by saying he looks good in practice and makes all the right reads and throws. That's practice. He's not getting a realistic pass rush in practice no matter what u do. Its what u do on gameday that matters.

The D: Pros - More picks already this year than last year, added to the sack category to move up on the list Cons - Sadly it seems the only the BB can put up a TD lately is for them to pick it and take it to the house, so we need way more of those from them. Or for the to play both sides of the ball. My take - this D can rival MTL for best D if only we can keep them under 30 plus minutes a game.

Special Teams
: Pros - Saw some grit from Renaud today. That's what we need to see from the QB. Great play. Needs to outpunt the other guy one game this year though. Cut down on the 5 yard calls from last game. Cons - still being killed on the punt returns, both giving up yards and then not getting anything when returning. My take - Needs to be fixed in a hurry to improve our starting field position and give whomever is at QB a little more breathing room.

The O-line - Pros - I'm thinking... Cons - Made the Toronto pass rush look effective, they need to have moments when they dominate to give the QB time to throw. The O-line last year struggled without Dominic Picards edge when he was hurt, think that's what's happening here, no edge, no identity. Need to get one. My take - the O-Line can still gel, enough time left in the season that it could happen, and no time like the next game to start.

What does it say, when your cons list is longer than your pro list in each category??