Sad Day in Nova Scotia

One of the worst days of mass shooting in Canada .

RIP to the many victims and sympathy for those effected by this sense less act .


Very sad day. RIP to all those that perished.

Even more sad it takes an event like this to bump Covid from the top news feed :frowning:


This news really pissed me off and also the fact that it was an afterthought down here in our silly fake national news media.

I hope our people in law enforcement circles in Washington took great, though discreet, notice and give as much support as possible to Canada on these matters given all the other overzealous bullies, wannabes, copycats and other jerks like that guy who are utter trash.

There is hardly a job in any occupation I have had without at least one of these jerks who would run his mouth a lot yet at some real or imaginary point (usually tossed dishonourably) "did not quite make special ops" and the like. They must be great at interviews to slip through so often.