Sad but VERY PROUD of this team

With all the injuries Kudos to these players for giving it all

Agreed. They played hard all game long and never gave up. They were outmanned because of injuries, but no excuses.

Congratulations to Ottawa, and best of luck to them ion the Grey Cup game.

They cats played with alot heart today

Just not their day

Nothing to be sad about. This was one hell of a game. We put up a hell of a fight against a seasoned veteran with our 4th string QB and up until the last minute had those cocky Redblacks taking their cleats off getting ready to eat their feet.

As fans we can't feel anything but pride for our team. If we're able to keep a good chunk of the free agents for next season, there is not one person who can doubt the depth of our team.

Even though he won it, Burris doesn't deserve any bragging rights. He almost lost to a back up QB on his 3rd CFL start. 2 of them being playoff games.

Awesome game boys, could have easily gone our way.

Very proud of this team. You don't win or loose a game on one play. This team plays with a lot of heart.

We are just scrathing the surface great ownership great stadium and looking forward to the great ticat teams we will have for years to come

With ZC coming back, we will be favoured to win the Cup NEXT year. Always NEXT year. :smiley:

Absolutely agree, hold your heads up high Tiger-Cats, the team demonstrated the ability not to give up and a lot of class and composure for Jeremiah Masoli and his offence, great catches by Tasker, Underwood, Bakari Grant, Gable a team effort all around, great play by the defence who kept us in the game and all year.

Hopefully next season the team will work on resigning many free agents and get this team healthy again. If the Tiger-Cats were healthy this year and led by Collaros they would have beat anyone in the playoffs.

The media were totally against the Tiger-Cats as they have been for the last three years, writing them off, they always came back and they will next year, hopefully stronger, better and with a determination again to reach the Grey Cup and Win it!


So proud of our Cats!! We were extremely close to overtime and a game winning field goal. For such a depleted team, we stepped up. I thought Condells offensive game plan was excellent. Can't emphasize enough how well Masoli, Underwood, Tasker played.

There is always next year. If we can get Collaros back. (I'm curious, has any QB come back with a torn ACL to play just as well the next year?) we are going to be a huge force in the league again.

Good luck Cats! Proud to be a Ticat fan!

With all the injuries to very key players, this was really a lot closer than it should have been. If I were an Ottawa fan, I'd kind feel that we were lucky and think "why wasn't this game an easy win". I'm cheering for Ottawa next week, but they need to play a lot better than today to win the Grey Cup.

Massoli played a great game. We need to sign him as our backup QB next year, he has earned it.
Zach may not be ready to start at the beginning of the year in 2016, in which case we will definetly need a good backup .....
I think we have found him.

Masoli is under contract for next year, FYI.

Nope, he’s a free agent.

Congratulations Ticats!!! :thup:

Our coaching is A1 , really to put up a game plan for ESF and EF like this and almost getting it done speaks volumes about our coaches and the depth of our lineup to weather all the injuries, bottom line top notch organization, next season Orlando HC and Austin what GM / President?!?!

I do not see any and hope we do not have any changes in the coaching staff next year. I completely agree that the coaches put together an excellent game plan. We came with a Gaston-Nadon INT/drop of attempting a game winning field goal and a player tripping over his feet.

What still amazing me is the turnover in players from the start of the season. This of the running backs. Gable, Moses, Ford, Grigsby, Holley, Prime. and I may be missing some.

Tom Brady Anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great game and great season considering.........we nearly limped into the Grey Cup after all. Congrats to Ottawa as well, great to see the 9th franchise in the league turning into such a hot ticket!

After all the talk this season of poor officiating, lower attendance, poor viewership in TV etc, I'm glad the league turned out that masterpiece of football today where the play was dictated by the players, and not the officials. In my opinion, the league is still very alive and well.

Now onto 2016, we just need Zach to be healthy for the whole season, and we'll be almost unbeatable next year!

Oskie Wa Wa my Ticat Brothers and Sisters! I'm very proud of my team, I'm sad we lost but bring on 2016 :rockin:

Don't forget Woodson. He filled in very when when Gable went down.

Why do the Cats experience so many injuries year after year. Good to see Masoli, come to the games prepared and ready to play. There is no way he should have been the 4th stringer. This guy showed heart and ability.

As a footnote, teams that give up points via safety demonstrate that they have no confidence in their defense and boost the morale of their opponents.

Bottom line I am happy with our D play over all all season , they were stretched thin and really missed Norwoods pressure , this years off season is critical as there are so many free agents including coaching question marks ????

After getting back from TD Place, I've taken time to read everything I can and have a quick look at the tape of the two key late-in-the-game plays that made the difference. I can't come up with anything to top the comments made by many, in this thread. I congratulate the RedBlacks. They did beat the Cats 3 straight times and, if that isn't deserving of being the team, of the two, to go on to the Grey Cup, I don't know what is. Somebody's full comment in one of these post-game threads was simply "Congratulations Tiger-Cats." I'll give that a X2. It was a very entertaining game, one that will be talked about, often, as long as people who were there are alive. It may have been an omen -- when I went into an Ottawa news stand this morning to pick up a paper, there was one other customer there -- Pat Stoqua. That's a true anecdote that will be appreciated by any of you have followed the TCs for at least 34 years. I look forward to the Grey Cup, what I think will be a particularly interesting off-season and free agency Spring, and a happy, healthy 2016 season for the Tiger-Cats.