Need I say more??? 11 last time I counted (the phone rang). What an awesome display by the Lions.

And (my boy) Geroy....his usual game plan. "Bye bye, see you in the end zone".

Montreal showed their classlessness when they started didn't help their game much, did it? Their antics after the game were shabby. Poor losers.

no kidding, what great work D work by BC. Johnson ending up on top as sack leader again in the CFL as well. Good work Lio's, honorary mentions to Carl Kidd, Brent Johnson, Dante Marsh, and Barron Miles to name a few of the amazing D players tonight who kicked some %#*in' #@.

(expect children to read this halen, please keep flowery adjectives to something you'd say to your Mom)

the lions played a great game offensively anbd defensively. i think the scraped that happened was brought on by the lions throwing out big talk to rub in the face on MTL.

I'm sure the Lions did say something to provoke Montreal. But "jawwing" at each other happens all the time and Kidd's been known to run off at the mouth (which often is quite hilarious more than anything) - Mtl needed to show better restraint. It wouldn't have bothered me so much if it was an isolated incident, but throughout the game they got chippier and dirtier as far as I'm concerned. Even after Geroy scored and stood in the end zone, an Al player put the shoulder to him as he walked by. Tacky. And one of sacks on DD showed that part of the Al's game plan was to make sure he was reinjured as the guy twisted on his leg. Might be part of football, but I tend to admire teams that can use their skill vs. dirty play to get the job done and don't resort to intentionally trying to injure. Just me though.