Sack Totals last again?!

For how many years now are we the sack losers ?yes we bring good pressure most of the time but for the long run Austin has to make this priority 1 to get at the QB and put him on his back , when will we ever have a sack specialist on this team like a Joe Montford ? a pair of bookends that get our numbers way up :?

Ask Winnipeg what leading the league in sacks does for you

This is one of the worst stats, the reason TSN keeps showing it is for the Purolator Sack tally for food. There is no stat when the QB throws it out of bounds or when he is forced out of the pocket and throws a lame duck, or the pass is knocked down by the D linemen, Etc !!

Last time we were the sack winners and won the grey cup, as opposed to the bummers, was '99!

Yes you are right - another one of these "stats" that sometimes doesn't mean a thing. The worst team in the league leading the sack numbers. The question would be, would you rather having bragging rights as the leagues sack leader and not making the playoffs or be in last place in the sack totals and going to the Grey Cup?

pressure on a qb to make a quick throw is just as good in my eyes.Lets just focus on offence controlling the ball so the d has gas in the tank and im fine if we never get the sack

All kinds if foolishness results from quarterback sacks. This can range from silly dances by 270 pound men, to equally silly roughing the passer calls made by flag-happy officials. IMO, the quarterback sack is highly overrated. Continual "pressure" yesterday was key to Troy Smith's 2nd half meltdown, not sacks. In the end, all out, pin your ears back, rushing the quarterback did not win the day for Montreal.

Sacks are just another useless stat that know-nothing play-by-play guys (like RB) can yammer on about to fill empty air time. If they didn't have their stats sheets, they would have nothing to say between plays.

I don’t care about our sack total if it doesn’t equate to games won.

Fundamentally though all statistics, even games one pale in comparison to one statistic, and that is number of grey cups won this season.

I have watched many an opposing QB complete passes on us and we we’re bringing it and were right in his face , so having a Cameron Wake or a Joe Montford type wouldn’t help ? wake up and smell the Tim’s coffee boys ! sacks are game changing momentum killers I tend to disagree
" Defence wins championships "

I respect your opinion cats99, but yesterday’s game would indicate otherwise. I’m not against our Tiger Cats improving their number of sacks; however, I think way too much emphasis is placed on that aspect of defence. Blitzing tends to force your backside into man coverage and that means someone has to cover a receiver like Green of Montreal one-on-one, a daunting task even for an experienced defensive back. Pressure still allows the defense the option of zone as well as man coverage (or a combination of both). Perhaps as our team gains more experience we’ll see the sack total increase. In the meantime, I’ll settle for unrelenting pressure from our front 4, with occasional stunts or blitzes, and make the quarterback on the opposing team make pinpoint passes every time (difficult to do even for Ricky Ray).

I agree with you but it seems that these types of players that are sack machines are extremely hard to find. They are also highly coveted by all teams so when we get a couple of good ones like Hickman, McIntyre or Wake in BC, then they bolt for the NFL. This year's front four seems to be adequate but not stellar. At least they're not giving up big rushing plays like the last couple of years. A lot of our QB pressure seems to be coming from blitzing with guys like Isaac. It seems to be working but I expect Austin and scouting staff to be on the lookout in the off-season for the next Cameron Wake.

I would like to see the Hamilton start to rotate Gascon-Nadon in with the other defensive ends. We already already rotate the defensive tackles, so why not.

I vote in the minority here in that I to think we need at least one dominate pass rusher. We are improving but a dominate pass rusher that requires a constant double-team, opens up space for the other linemen, allows the linebackers to cover, set us the blitz and helps the length of time required for the dbs in coverage. I agree that sacks are not the be all and end all but there should be more of them if the result of what others have said here is true that we want constant pressure. Not likely to happen this year but I too am of the opinion the Cats will look to find a dominant pass rusher for next year.

The Tiger-Cats are winning, they are a young team, the youngest among CFL teams and the Sacks are not as important as the overall play of the team, what's more important is how many rushes or rushed passes has our defines made, pass blocks, interceptions and so on. I think with time this team will improve greatly in the sack department next season when they get an opportunity to really play together as a unit, hopefully without injury and more importantly as a team, than individual stats will take care of themselves.


Sacks are very important, as is pressure and containment of the QB. A sack on first down puts the team at 2nd and very long. Sack on 2nd down ends the drive. The best ticat defenses that we have had have all featured a dominant D-Line. Montford and Cheatwood. Covington and Walker. Those were great defenses in large part due to the pass rush. Generally pressure from the front four without blitzing creates sacks and confusion. I agree that if you have to rush 6 or 7 to get your pressure and your sacks you are in trouble.

Today teams pretty much know they will not get much pressure if we rush just four (and that is pretty much true) so as a result the best pocket passers in the league have usually fared well against us and that trend is very hard for a defense to survive. If you have a dominant pass rush, then defenders know they only have to cover for 3 or 4 seconds and that's much easier to scheme for than if you never get any pressure and have to cover for longer.

Sacks are important. Throw out Winnipeg because their overall team is awful, look at the rest of the sack leaders and you are looking at the rest of the best in the CFL and that's not a fluke.

thx for backing me up ! Good points for this post

Deacon Jones' philosophy was to put the quarterback in a sack and hit him with a bat. The intimidation factor comes from hitting the Qb and putting him on his back multiple times. If Deacon couldn't reach the quarterback, he was tall enough to swat the pass down. Our ends are fast but they lack the power for a bull rush and they aren't 6'5". They rely on technique and speed. They're young and are getting better but as has been stated before, it would be nice to have a beast that causes mayhem.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

In defence of the defense, I think that constant pressure by our front 4 (or 3, sometimes) worked well last week. I suppose to sack or not to sack is merely a difference in football philosophy. In reality, the ultimate pressure is sacking the quarterback! That said, I will yield to the majority opinion and hope that the Cats will be able to develop or recruit a rush end in the near future. I think that in the meantime Coach Steinauer has found a way to circumvent this personnel problem and it seems to be working.

I love a D- line that gets a lot of sacks. In the CFL they are drive ending plays even if they occur on first down.
I don't believe however, that our d-line is ineffective because they are last in the sack race. Game in and game
out we are getting strong pressure on the QB. We have had games where we have physically pounded on opposing
QB's. Against WPg we put all three of their quarterbacks out. We gave Mike Riley ( in Edmonton ) an absolute beating
but to his credit he kept coming at us. ( He is a very good QB). AS is Travis Lulay who was probably glad when the
home and home against us was over. We played TO three times and got to Zach Collaros but no one is going to make
a living on sacking Ricky Ray. He is just too good and gets rid of the ball too fast.
I think our D-line is young but promising. T Davis is solid in the middle even though he is double teamed on every play.
B Bulke is arguably the best off season acquisition Hamilton has. E Norwood has been an pleasant surprise and may grow into a top notch rush end. I started the season as not much of a B Boudreau fan but he has had a great season and is
probably our best lineman right now. This is a young and talented bunch. If they keep improving the sacks will come.