Stegallfan, you obviosly have a “love-in” with Glenn! I admit, he’s our best and is #1. I was pleasantly surprised a month ago to see Glenn starting to find his receivers (and them actually catching the ball!) - it brought back memories of the days when we had a passing game and a vaunted air attack! … but he looked injured the last few games since he was hit last week in Regina (more than once too)- he’s starting to throw “Khari” balls!

… having said that, if you honestly think the Bombers can still make the play-offs, wow, you are an optimist. Where do you get your weed from, i want some? It would take a complete meltdown on the Riders and the Stamp’s part and a 180 on the Bombers side - the chance of both happening - not likely with Daley at the helm and Westwood kicking for singles - should i go on??? Stamps “D” looks hot & their offence is starting to come around. Remember this time last year, that’s when the Riders put together some impressive wins and rolled into the play-offs on a high, that also after 2 losses in a row to the Bombers. There’s too many hurdles to overcome for the Bombers to do the same this year as the Riders did last year.

I’m a “die-hard” Bomber fan, but also a realist, this season is ALMOST lost. If we lose to the 'Gades, it’s all over! Let’s see what Michna and Wynn can do, especially if Glenn’s not 100%.