Sack Attack

I know it’s early, and some teams have yet to play 3 games, but we are currently leading in sacks! So many years of us being at or near the bottom in this category, it’s great to see the D-Line really stepping up.

Davis leads the league with 3. Wynn, Laurent, and Lawrence all have 2. (Team total is 13). Lawrence is having a great year (ignore the “hit”), and Davis and Wynn were great pickups this off season. Teddy is just being Teddy, but with Davis and Wynn around, he must be getting double-teamed less often so far.

Eat 'em raw! ;D

IMO, Tracy is not cutting it at DE. As soon as Westerman is healthy, I think we see a switch there.

Problem is, if he does “get healthy,” he won’t stay that way long. :-\

I thought Julian Howsare was going after the quarterback really well…maybe give him a try

Even better yet why not bring back Justin Capiciotti and see what he can bring to the table with Wynn, Laurent and Davis on the front line already