sack attack> where we stand - a question ??????

at the beginning and through much of the year our D line has been the subject of much criticism, lil ole me included.

but if im not mistaken we have moved from last into either 2nd or 3rd place in sacks behind BC?and or Montreal... anyone have the numbers....????

anyhoo.... its great to see the old style d line CHARGE :cowboy:

batteries sold separately, price may vary from region to region.

BC - 45
Mtl - 39
Sask - 37
Ham - 36
Tor - 36
Wpg - 34
Cal - 33
EDM - 30

I was one of the people who said the number of sacks didn't matter as long as we got the pressure on the QB, but it sure is nice to see that number increase. :wink:

Sacks+consistent pressure = Holding Calls Qb's not making reads and if you contain there running game Your talking a long day for the Opposing offence..

LOL if only my math teacher in high school could see me now

I agree borehamgirl, last year the Riders were last in the league is sacks, yet recorded 12 wins...kind of makes me wonder about winning the "Battle of the Trenches"....

Even without Wake BC is well ahead. Foley has been a great replacement.

10 sacks in the past 3 games.

Adams and MacIntyre are making a huge difference in our pass rush. Couple that with our blitz packages and you have a lot of pressure on the quarterback.

actually, Gil, the riders weren't last.. that dubious distinction was the cats in their 8th life..and everyone knows a cat has.... :wink:

Most QB Sacks

  1. BC 68
  2. MTL 43
  3. WPG 42
  4. EDM 35
  5. CAL 33
  6. SSK 28 :?
  7. TOR 27
  8. HAM 26 :oops:

Thanks for the correction bad.......:slight_smile: