____'s trade 1st round pick

____'s trade 1st round pick in 2009 and conditional pick in 2010 for Jason Pottinger.

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/story/2009/03/23/sp-pottinger.html?ref=rss]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/story ... ml?ref=rss[/url]
8) Hmmm, I wonder what our own "pottinger fan" will think of this ??? :wink:

I can't believe Rita said he couldn't find a better player than Pottinger in their spot in the draft.....OMG. Jason is a good special teams player....are you telling me there are no starters in this years draft...nice spin control their Adam.....it's going to be a long year in TO this year.

Personally I think this trade is fair.

TO gets a great young Canadian, and BC gets a first rounder and a conditional pick in 2010. Lets not forget that 1st round picks are not guaranteed stars, i.e. Miguel Robede - Calgary '05 1st overall, JP Bekasiuk - us '07 4th I think. I'm sure we could go on for days about 1st rounders that didn't pan out.

A bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush.

which 1st round pick is it? the 4th overall or the 2nd?


ok yea thanks, i just saw it on CFL.ca as well.

If my guess is correct, that leaves BC with a bunch of picks in the first round.

I guess after watching this years talent in the E-Camp, the Argo Braintrust felt they had to trade for an NI LB. Pottinger himself was a 2nd overall pick in 2006. Don't be surprised when you see the Argos improve this season.

I'm not suprised, in fact I'm praying that we can keep up with their progress or we're gunna get creamed by them this season, and I have lots of argo fans in my family dying for a chance to rub a ticat loss in my face. :roll:

I think both these teams have made some important improvements in the off-season, rivaling perhaps only Edmonton (and I think that Lumsden won't last the year). Toronto in particular keeps looking better (doesn't hurt that they have three great players on the reserve list who may get cut down south), but nobody should write off the Ti-Cats or the Argos.

The Ti-Cats seem much more focused and directed this year than in the past. Montreal's success last year was padded on the back of poor play by the other three Eastern teams. I don't expect that this year.

There are going to be some epic Argo-Ticat games this season, I think!

Very good move, at least Potinger has some proven CFL experience. Looks like the Canadian draft is pretty light this year, just like last year. Very slim pickings. Teams are going to be stuck with some sparse talent , I wonder how are they going to fill the Canadian positions.
The CFL has to seriously look at reducing the Canadian content.

what mean the Linebacker could be there at 3 when we pick

The Canadian talent has never been better IMO. Last year was a very strong draft. This year crop isn't as weak as we were led to believe. After Jamal Lee, who's the big fish this year, there's about 3 rounds at least of good players IMO.

I think Wally Bouno has zeroed in on Jamal Lee. Wally has that talent (besides being a top coach) of knowing A football player when he sees one. After he rooked Rita out the fourth pick I expect he will use that one with some more expendable talent to get his hands on Obie's #1 pick. Of course we know Obie wasn't born yesterday, but Wally has the where with all to make it worth while.
But its the old story. The smart GM's (like Bouno) stash their neg list with top prospects and accummulate top draft picks. Then when the beggers come calling each year trying to save their jobs, they are dealt some "prospects" for more high draft picks. Of course the "prospects" generally turn out to be just that, prospects. But not to worry that just keeps the bottom feeders coming back the next year :smiley: offering up their top picks for the next great "prospect".

BC now has the #4,#5,#6 and #13 picks in the first two rounds of the draft.I agree that Wally probably has another move to make before May 2. Moving Pottinger may mean that Buono has interest in Tristan Black the linebacker from Wayne State or as mentioned earlier, maybe the Cats get an offer they can't refuse for the #1 pick.The Lions could offer the Cats a player and a combination of any two of the 4th, 5th or 6th picks.Ricky Foley might be a nice addition.If the Lions trade for the #1 pick, then they take Jamall Lee as stated earlier in this thread.
No matter how it goes,you have to like the Lions' position and Obie will have a major say in how all of this works out.

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7) :smiley:

The Ticats are using imports at the DE spot, so Ricky Foley isn't someone Obie would be interested in.

If I were Obie and the Lions wanted to deal for the # 1 pick, I would insist we get their #4 pick, and a receiver. Corey Rogers or Rufus Skillern would do.

I doubt that the Lions will offer a package good enough to pinch the #1 pick from the Ti-Cats. Not unless they gave up two first rounders and a player. #3 shouldn't be too hard to do - and at that slot I think both Jamall Lee and Tristan Black will be available.

The only reason he is in Toronto is because Hamilton messed up by not going after this kid. Just like Oshea they made him win all those rings but this kid has a ring already! :wink:

Argos draft pick,running back Clifton Dawson,has recently been released by the Colts.Perhaps that eliminates one possible destination for Jamall Lee. The draft is looking more and more interesting every day. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)