S#@t Eatin' Grin

Matt Dunigan said a bad word on the air last Saturday night, one that's a no no with broadcasters like TSN. It rhymed with "spit" as in sh#t eatin' grin. The former CFL QB and head coach carelessly uttered the feculent four-letter word while conversing with his first CFL coach, Don Matthews during a break in the action.

That team of broadcasters who called the Lions game last Saturday, Gord Miller on play-by-play and Dunigan doing the color, are IMHO the worst option TSN has for doing CFL football. Dunigan's southern accent isn't at all interesting to listen to. He spends too much time congratulating players for plays they're payed to make and too little time showing us who's block or run or catch made that last play work. Miller has only two broadcast voices, normal most of the time and really animated like he's freaking out! When he tries to talk fast in the high voice I can't make out half of what he's saying, even with the volume cranked. He's equally irritating to listen to on international hockey telecasts.

Right now in my opinion the best CFL play-by-play voice TSN has is Rod Black. He has that clear voice you never fail to understand. Even Randorf does better play-by-play than Miller. Both Glen Suitor and Duane Ford are equally good at explaining why plays happened the way they did, and are at times compelling to listen to.

I used to like Chris Cuthbert, because he has several, increasingly entertaining levels his voice can get to: normal for average stuff, slightly excited for first down catches and runs, more excited on turnovers, long catches and runs and medium-high pitched amazement on huge plays. I like him best on NHL games where he can use that elevated volume and pitch more often than he can during football telecasts. His Achilles heel is that he can't pronounce "game" properly; always saying "geem".

While it's a little thing, I've heard him say it so many times over the last 25 years that it just kind of grates on me. having said that they all do a better job than I would ... at least in the beginning. :lol:

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Dooger in Surrey

I actually enjoy Dunigan the one i dont care for is Suitor . The guy just has a real hate on for the Eskimos, i think he is still bitter about the Esks kicking his butt his whole career.

When it comes to his voice....yes
When it comes to the game.....Heck not!

He still hasent figures out the rules like you dont add on no yards to the return...its one or the other

The was an entire thread in the main forum on Blackisms

1 that comes to mind is
If he wasent tackled,,,,he would have scored,,,,well duh!

Couple of weeks ago he said

And I quote

That punt was partially blocked and they came very close to nearly totaly blocking it!

What does that even mean?