$$$$'s or sense?

Awesome....the host city for the Grey Cup had a good show.
All these free agent players....ask them how much of a good show it was for them this year. Should they go should they stay?!? Retire.....UNRETIRE....?????
What the heck is up with 'UN'retiring, or coming back for 'just one more year'....is it the HEART, or the $$$$$'s?
It really hurts my gut when all I hear on this site and, actually anywhere for that matter is about $$$$'s or who is the best.
The CFL is not a 'reject' organization. This has everything to do with Canada and its' people.
I am VERY DAMN PROUD to be CANADIAN and support a league that not only involves the people, but cares about them.
Money isn't everything......and yeah, it doesn't grow on CFL tree's either............

... Whats your problem dude/dudette? In the CFL, as in any other pro sports league, its all about the $$$.

For Example:

What to you think the SMS is for? MONEY!

Why doe the players play? MONEY!

Why are some teams owned privately? MONEY!

Why are some good vets gonna be cut? MONEY!

Why do you think many players try there luck in the NFL? Can you guess what the answer is? I can, it's MONEY!