If there was ample evidence that Michael Bishop is a first stringer and was missed big time, the drop off to McMahon and Allen is large.
McMahon was 6 for 18 and 57 yards, that is a joke stat. It was well into the second half before he had a completion and a first down. OK so maybe you give him some slack as being his first start and the two best receivers, Bruce and Miles did not play.
I would start him again next week and see how he prepares and learns from todays fiasco.
As for Allen, he was a little better but so what.
Meanwhile Bishop said on the CBC telecast he hopes to be back in 3-4 weeks.
I sure hope that is correct, because he is truly the heart of the offense and I do not like our chances without him.
Heal fast Michael.

Hopefully McMahon will be a little humbled by his performance and realize the CFL is just as difficult to succeed as the NFL.
Reading between the lines of his comments this year he has given the impression that because he played in the NFL he should be a star in this league.
He's a long way from that at the moment. He may become a good QB in the CFL if he buries his ego and learns the game. I don't think he will ever be a Ricky Ray or Cavillo calibre however.

It seems a lot of these guys that played in the NFL have to learn this league is tougher to play in. The extra man and the large field three downs. You need to have your act together before using the arrogance that I am better then the CFL. Good luck Argos in your next game.

this idiot was so cocky for no reason, mike mcmahon is just useless and overrated great white hope by the canadian media.

A perfect example of the guy doing more then his share of the "talk", but most definitely cannot do the "walk".
If he bombs again this week, kick his sorry behind out of here.

We want Quincy Carter

Tommy Dennison. :slight_smile:

Bring back Stanley Jackson

The count down is on and maybe......Labour Day is a go and we can win a game.

Every game is becoming a must win. However, against the only team that we can be ahead of, these 2 games are crucial. Wouldn't be something if "Optimus Prime" puts 50 points on the board? We can then all cry that the first half shoulda, coulda been better. Ah, I can dream,,,, or am I?

Just as long as they take Bish out if we get up by a lot. No need to risk another injury, since we’re completely useless without him.