If there was ample evidence that Michael Bishop is a first stringer and was missed big time, the drop off to McMahon and Allen is large.
McMahon was 6 for 18 and 57 yards, that is a joke stat. It was well into the second half before he had a completion and a first down. OK so maybe you give him some slack as being his first start and the two best receivers, Bruce and Miles did not play.
I would start him again next week and see how he prepares and learns from todays fiasco.
As for Allen, he was a little better but so what.
Meanwhile Bishop said on the CBC telecast he hopes to be back in 3-4 weeks.
I sure hope that is correct, because he is truly the heart of the offense and I do not like our chances without him.
Heal fast Michael.

6 - 8 weeks....enjoy!

I want to extend the heartiest sympathy from this Tiger-Cat fan.

Unfortunately Mark, you guys still are looking for a first stringer.

Actually Argotom, I'm still not convinced that you have either. Bishop looked very good in one game and fairly mediocre in the next.

I'm actually looking forward to finding out if he really does have the stuff to be a starter.

But I like our chances more then yours.
Here is hoping though the Cats get it going with Jason as he looked better in BC on Thursday night and they should have won the game.
The rivalry between the Cats and Argos is not the same until both teams are competative.

I can’t believe that Pinball didn’t have Allen come out to start after half time. Clearly, McMahon was not getting things done.

...I am totally surprized Allen didn't start...if he did'nt do well THEN put McMahon in....

McMahon didn't come to the CFL to be a back-up

You're right. He started the year at third string.

mcmahon came to the cfl to show he cant play football at any level and needs to start lookin for work elsewhere.

McMahon just needs playing time and he will do okay. He had some flashes of great play in this game.

I must have blinked and missed those flashes........

....Argos are in trouble without Bishop.....annnnnd their best receivers sitting on the side-lines....Cetout ain't Bruce....Damon looked rusty and i'm afraid one good hit away from the scrap heap...Looking at it realistically for the Argos ....McMahon is the better back-up...when Bishop returns i doubt whether Allen will see much playing time....good mentor though.... :wink: :roll:

Madjack you have to quit drinking that spiked maple syrup. He did show signs that he could develope inot a cfl QB. Of course he had a tough game it was his first game.

Those flashes came when he held onto the ball. Every time he threw, it was awful! I'm surprised he didn't throw any picks.

I was stunned when I heard that he said "I didn't come to the CFL to be a backup." No, you came to the CFL because you weren't good enough to be a backup in the NFL. A lot of guys who had great careers in the NFL came up here with great hype and fanfare only to accomplish next to nothing. For someone with McMahon's lacklustre credentials to believe he can come to the CFL like Christ riding into Jerusalem, expecting to be anointed as a star before he even throws a pass, shows a lot of arrogance on his part.

Maybe arrogance is what the Argos want, I don't know. They certainly seem to go looking for it. But I know they won't win many games as long as Bishop is out.

Did anyone else notice how putting Allen into the game seemed to spark Calgary's offence more than it did Toronto's?

Well I always try to look for something good in a loss. Yes he is arrogant but he is better then any of the back ups the Bombers have. You guys are slowly convincing me he is a bum. Keep it up. :lol:

All I said was that if he showed flashes, I missed it. If you think he did, tell me when and what play. Sorry but I saw nothing to indicate to me that he could develop into a CFL QB; I saw more that he will become a Shaun King, Tee Martin, Dan Crowley.........and so on. It's just my opinion and I'll leave it at that. I do not feel the need to throw in gratuitous shots that add nothing to the conversation.

...yup, Bombers back-ups are definitely not arrogant...but Kevin has reason to have a little strut in his step this yr,,,,,keep er goin' Glenn.... :rockin: :rockin: :thup:

Good post there mad jack and you are right. Mike McMahon is an arrogant NFL reject. Convinced me and did I tell you I have a rubber arm. But you are correct.