#'s article!

I gotta say i absolutely loved that little piece about the players numbers. I'm a numbers guy i always look forward to seeing the new numbers when training camp ends and i really think a good number changes the way a player looks on the field and if they choose a cool number i love it! for example Glasper's change from 40 to 8, he looks so much cooler on the field now (he also wears gloves now and he didnt last year) a single didgit in the defensive backfield really draws your attention. Or when Zeke changed to 16 after training camp. I realize alot of people prolly didnt care about that little article but i loved it and i relly hope they make it like a weekley thing i'd love to know why Casey is #1 or Lummer is #28 or why sandy changed from 37 to to 19 etc... so please do some more of these!!!

i gotta know why my boy Kori is rockin 0!!


thanks alotfor the heads up man! i must have missed that one, i dont get to the old compy as much these days lol. keep em coming ticats.ca i love these articles...

obviously Kori's reason is cool that guy is just awesome!!