I can't believe it, it's the Ryder Cup now being shown instead of the CFL pre game show.
Why is this crap on the air, it's not a sport, it's a hobby and this weekend is a tournament. It's not like this is a league.
It may lead into the start of the Ticats-BB game.
Is it time for TSN to go simulcast with ESPN, might as well for this wanabee US channel.
I can hardly wait for Sunday.

Yes I know, I'm ticked as well. I wanted to see that pre-game show too!

Frigging golf.

Plus, TSN2 was also broadcasting the same golf garbage at the same time. What a slap in the face to CFL fans who lost a legend this week and would have liked to have seen the pregame show.

Classless, tacky, and stupid.

...I think tsn better get its bloody priorities straight....i am another ,who is NOT IMPRESSED... :thdn:

...we go through this a couple times a year. TSN has to show an event in its entirety.

Yes!!! I can't wait to watch golf instead of a football game!! woooooo!!! What a joke that TSN2 channell is. I was happy with one TSN.

TSN shows where the CFL stands on its list of priorities.
First they refuse to bump Ryder Cup golf to TSN2 for the CFL.
Then they refuse to carry the cFL on TSN after the Ryder Cup, because they would rather show NFL Sunday night football on their main network.
I mean we can't dare put the hallowed NFL on the second banana network, can we?
I still don't get it?
Golf and the NFL get prioritized over the CFL?
Who are the idiots running these networks.
And why do they worship these American events so?
Face facts here.
This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to CFL games being shoved to the dregs channel.
TSN thinks we want to see more baseball, basketball, tennis and NCAA.
Even though TV ratings show nobody cares.
Meanwhile the CFL and its hundreds of thousands of fans get screwed around?
Tom Wright, where ever you are, what do you think or your TV deal now? Lucky you quit, or you'd have been thrown out.

I'm ticked to say the least as well. I fear this is only the beginning and it's gonna get worse before it gets better. TSN is outta Toronto and it definitely shows.

I'm also incredibly dissappointed that CTV airs NFL games and the super bowl but will not be airing the Grey Cup on network TV. Ridiculous! Wheres the CTRC when ya need them.

Toronto Sports Network. That should say it all