Ryan Wins Punting Job in Green Bay

The Green Bay Packers website reports that punter B.J. Sanders has been released. Their depth shows former Blue Bomber Jon Ryan as their first string punter. Barring injury, it looks as though Jon Ryan has won the punting job in Green Bay.


I'm not surprised. Considering how well he played in Winnipeg last year I figured he'd make it. Plus I had heard reports that he was out-punting the other guy by 5 yards a kick or more all off-season. Good for him. Too bad he's on the Packers. I HATE them! (Vikings fan)

Congrads To Ryan I was really pulling for him to get this job, I watched the Green Bay San Diego game last week and I saw him punt once and it was a pretty nice punt ahha well Congrads Ryan after your season in Winnipeg last year you deserve it.

Good for him. I think he has quite a future.

Oski Wee Wee,