Ryan Thelwell????

Lowell Ullrich from the Province blogged about him talking with Wally. Could he help or should he stay retired?

so, everyone who ever had anything to do with football who has a conversation with wally is a potential to suit up for the leos??

lol Sounds good to me. My wife and I had a great conversation with Wally a few days ago. We're ready and willing! lol

Really it is just a simple question could he help or not? its not that difficult

It's a good question stamphater. I'm sure the Lions could use all the help they can get. Thelwell was as sure handed a receiver as they come when he played his 5 or 6 seasons with the Lions. I was sorry to see him go.

Thelwell could help any team with his reliable hands. Thelwell will bring in a solid smart receiver who sits on the sidelines and catches the balls thrown to him.

However in this case BC has Akeem Foster and Sean Gore- There is tremendous upside in AKEEM FOSTER as he has a legit NFL monster body- Foster is huge and strong- AT 6'5 with LONG LEGS and GAZELLE like speed Foster has PRO ability. He has good hands in the game and can really get downfield-

The short game is where Foster can dominate at this point with his size and really long strides---

Sean Gore is really fast so he is working in the lineup and is improving--

Canadian receiver MARCO IANNUZI is working in the lineup now-- He is from Harvard and has exceptional hands- He is smooth and reliable and a smart player--- He will see more action----

Paris Jackson is on the team and essentially OVERLOOKED at this point as he is just not as good as some of the youngsters who are only going to improve-----

So if Paris Jackson is not helping the LIONS or starting, there is no way THELWELL would be able to help us at this point. Foster's upside is much higher than Thelwell's and Foster has already scored numerous Td's in his rookie season, I believe 4 td's already--

We do not need Thelwell, but Edmonton could use him for sure