Ryan Thelwell

He is a solid reciver and we tried to bring him here before i think he is worth a second try

Can't hurt to give him a look if he's available...........he's sure been the forgotten man since leaving BC to go sit on the bench in Calgary..............

Does Calgary have a hold on him?. Couldn’t hurt Hamilton to have a real receiver who knows how to win. As long as they don’t give up anything to get him. :cowboy:

no he is a free agent

I like him but hasn't been a go to guy much from what I've seen and not sure about his abiltiy to go and get that ball in big traffic. I don't know, I like him, just saying, his salary might be a bit much as an add-on receiver.

Ya that`s what we need is someone elses backups !!!!

we tried to go after him 2 years ago but he chose to sit on the bench in Calgary instead of coming here to start...

I dont think hes in our plans but ive been wrong before.

For the last place team in the league, you shouldn't turn your nose up at "someone else's backups", particularly when the "someone else" in this case has the league's best receiving corps. In case you hadn't noticed, it isn't Hamilton.

And also look at what the Ticats 'backups' have done with the last two GC Champions...