ryan thelwell

Has there been anymore updates on the contract talks with him?

Yes as announced today by Wally Ryan Thelwell (and Carl Kidd) will not be resigned as BC Lions to make way for younger players. Wally said it will probably not be a popular decision but one he is making. Guess we have to live with it.

Ryan has always been a class act and I wish him success with what ever team he ends up playing for.

Sad to see him go , but you can only have so many receivers. It's the only way we'll see some our young up and comers in the line-up.

Tough loss for the lions, but the receiving core should still be in good shape with the likes of Simon, Clermont, and Jackson returning for next season.

That's not the way it is , it's a case of Wally Bouno didn't want him back electing instead to go with some his younger guys he's already got waiting. The receiving corp won't be setback because the guys next in line are pretty good too . Thelwell wanted to come back so it's to bad , but that's the nature of the game , every year there is turnover.

Tony Simmonds, and Canadian Josh Boden are two that come to mind.

Add Gilles Colon to the list also.

Thelwell is a good Canadian receiver in the twilight years of career. Unlike Kidd, he probably has a better chance of being signed by other teams. But Buono is just doing what a good manager/coach is supposed to do.