Ryan Thelwell a Ticat...???

“Ryan Thelwell, a receiver from London, Ont., had a solid outing this season with four touchdowns and 708 receiving yards. Speculation is that he wants to be closer to home with an Eastern team like the Toronto Argonauts. Defensive end Nautyn McKay-Loescher is also likely to sign with an East Division team. He had eight tackles and six sacks as a non-starter with the Lions in 2006” From TSN.ca

Hamilton is Closer to London…
So Why not Sign him
He could be Our #1 WR.


there u go

hes good but he wont be a number 1 reciver. Maybe a number 2.
Hes 33, and this was his worst season as a full starter. I wouldnt mind him tho.

Too old and no remaining upside. The Cats need younger guys to rebuild around.

An Argo fan

Nautyn McKay-Loescher would be a good signing. He could be a starting Canadian defensive end with the Ticats.

We already have Cotton and Cheatwood.
Maybe in the rotation but definitly not starting

Collier was better than Cotton this year...

Cheatwood suffered a knee injury late in the season, who knows if he'll be able to regain form.

having a Canadian at another "american" position could only be a good thing. (we can stack up elsewhere like DB, LB and OL that way... ie where we need help.

I live in bc and I've become a big thelwell fan. in there o-scheme he gets the least amount of passes and yet he's one of there leaders in yds and tds

Thelwell is 33 but he's been very reliable. Consider by his teamates to be the most underrated player in the league.

He went to my high school in London where I also played receiver, many years before him, when you really didn't have to be any good to play receiver in high school. I wonder if he broke all my receiving records there? :lol: